Weekly Amazon Haul & Swimwear Try On!

Ahhh yes, it's time for what's shaping up to be my most favorite posts of the week! 

My weekly Amazon hauls! I'm obsessed with Amazon lately! It's kinda like a weekly "surprise" because with Amazon sometimes things are hit or miss. I got a few things in this haul I was less than happy about, but it's all good because when things are good, they're really good and when things are bad, they're reallllllly bad. It basically balances itself out, ya know? 

This week I snagged some goodies for our upcoming trip to the tropics next week. I know, I know, I have a slew of dresses already but theres nothing like when the last minute panic sets in and you start freaking out thinking, "OH MY GOSH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR." Anyone else like this or just me? So I snagged a few last minute things in hopes that I would just LOVE them! 

I'm going to preface this buying saying, I'm not super comfortable posting pictures of myself in swimsuits for the world to see, It just feels sooooo...weird. But at the same time I want to be a good resource for you guys, so I'm putting my insecurities aside and putting it out there. 

Would you believe me if I told you that up until about a year or so ago, I NEVER wore one piece swimsuits? Something about them seemed soooo...old, to me. But now I just love them and prefer them! I feel like these days one pieces are way more appealing then they used to be, it's all about finding one that makes you feel good, ya know? 

I bought this one in blue for Mexico in January and got so many compliments on it, I know a lot of you babes snagged it too and ROCKED IT!! I highly suggest this one if you're looking for a one piece with something a little "extra"- the booty coverage is minimal on this one, but I don't feel over exposed when wearing it or anything. I loved it so much in blue I also snagged it in yellow

For reference, I got a Medium. I'm a 34C, 128 lbs and 5'2. Normally a size 4 or 6 in American Eagle depending on the type of jean..and the day. 

I also have to tell you guys I bought 5 swimsuits total and 2 of the 5 are going back ASAP. However I was SUPER impressed with the ones I ended up LOVING. 

THIS ONE might just be my new favorite. 

Theres plenty of support and the straps are adjustable and I didn't feel like I was falling out. The lace detailing and vertical striped pattern is really suitable for everyone, but especially shorter gals! It feels like SUCH high quality, I have a few $100 swimsuits and this one is hands down up there with those material and quality wise! Medium booty coverage too! ;) 

I really wanted some cute cover-ups because I wear a ton of those on vacation and during the Summer even just hanging out by the pool. So I snagged a few from Amazon that I really just LOVE and they feel like such high quality (even better then the ones I've purchased from resorts for much more money!)

When it comes to accessories- I'm loving hats lately and oddly enough I never really did before! I have a few from Amazon that I love but this one is currently my favorites! 

Other things I've snagged on Amazon this week include these amazing dupe earrings for my favorite bauble bar earrings that I always wear! These are much more affordable and great quality! They come in 5 different colors and are under $15 bucks! I love wearing cute earrings with Summer and Spring outfits! My favorite protein powder that doesn't give me headaches and that actually TASTE GOOD! And I finally found one of my favorite jumpsuits back in stock and under $20! (SIZE DOWN IN THIS ONE LADIES!) And these cute sunnies that have 5 star reviews! 

So that's it for this week babes! Thank you SO much for stopping by today! I can't tell you how much it means to me to have so many of you take time out of your busy lives to spend with ME. I'm so honored to be surrounded by such amazing uplifting woman! Thank you all for bringing light to my life everyday! 

(this post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a super small commission when you click and make a purchase. as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own!)

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