I honestly feel like I just typed up this post 5 seconds ago. It was really a week ago but seriously, time is flying! I'm honestly NOT mad about it you guys, It's been an eventful week. I didn't get to share nearly all the things I want to with you babes but I promise as soon as I get back from vaca SO MUCH IS COMING. The Wal-Mart haul, more cleaning tutorials and the pantry reno along with TONS of other renovation projects we're starting with the sale of our most recent flip house this month! I am SO excited for changes here at the Scardina Casa and I seriously can't wait to share all the fun things with you! 

Moving on, I love sharing the weekly follower faves because it's so much fun to reflect back to what you guys enjoy seeing here at TGF. I know I'm all over the place but I love it because it allows me to be creative in ALL the ways instead of just focusing on one thing. I can't thank you all enough for embracing this side of me! Ya'll are such a blessing! Seriously! But enough with the sappy talk (I'm about a glass of wine in a half in.. don't mind me!) Let's take a look back on the week and check out what ya'll loved! 

I honestly can't say enough good things about these oils ya'll! We've been using them here for about 2 years and this set is such a great introduction to some of my favorite oil blends and gives you some insight into how amazingly life changing they can be! this set includes some of my favorite blends including Anxiety Ease, which is being diffused quite a bit here at the Scardina house! 

You can read more about how I use oils in this post.

I think this is week..3 or 4? of this vanity tray making the Top 10 list of top sellers! And for good reason! It's so dang cute and functional! I love it so much! 

This new cozy Target sweatshirt is amazingly soft, super comfy and perfect for lounging, ya'll know I can NEVER turn away from a comfy sweatshirt and this one is legit. 

Ya'll are really into organizing lately which is a good thing cause so am I. I've shared these a few weeks in a row now so I won't bore you with how much I love them, but I mean, if you haven't purchased them yet, what are you waiting for? They're amazing and can literally store ALL THE THINGS.

I'm so glad ya'll are still loving this beach fleece cause SO AM I. It's soooo comfy and the perfect Spring/Summer staple. 

SO GLAD to see this sandal on the list as #5 because it's my new favorite! Super comfortable and matches ALL THE THINGS. I highly suggest snagging it if you're looking for a neutral sandal to match everything these upcoming months!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS and so pumped to see ya'll do too! It's such an awesome staple piece, comes in tons of colors and is super affordable! Even better is that it's friendly for shorter girls and it doesn't swallow me. 

I shared this dress last week in my (amazon try on haul) and it is SO gorgeous! I am seriously SO impressed! I feel like it would be a gorgeous dress if you have any events coming up to wear! 

2. WOVEN BAG (seen above)
This bag is soooo cute for Spring!
 It's super well made and I'm so excited to tell ya'll it's on sale for $35! It matches everything and everyone always compliments on it. 

For the second week in a row these shorts are the top sellers! I love them so much! They're the best shorts because they're a little shorter in the front with full booty coverage in the back. And yes, THEY'RE ON SALE. ;)  I got my normal size 6 in these but should have sized down to a 4! They run a little big.

Hope you'll are having a great weekend babes! Thank you SO much for stopping in to hang out with me for a bit! It means the world!! XOXO

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