Weekly Follower Faves 3/24

These weeks are just going by so dang fast lately, aren't they!? I have to tell ya'll that I am kinda glad because honestly, I need Spring & Summer in my life ASAP. 

I was all out of sorts this week, just getting back from vacation on Sunday and trying to jump right back into the swing of things. I feel like this time of year can tend to be so busy, we typically always start all the house projects we've been avoiding doing all Winter and the house is just always so chaotic but it's exciting at the same time! I'm super anxious to get back to my "schedule" this week. I need routine in my life ya'll or else I just end up walking in circles like a crazy person complaining about all the stuff I need to do while avoiding doing any of it. Oops. 

Anyway, wanted to pop in quickly and share this weeks roundup of follower faves with you babes! These are the things ya'll have been loving this week, the things that have been purchase the most by you and also the items that I've heard great feedback about! 

10. Lace Up Swimsuit // This swimmy is STILL making the top 10 list and I mean, I'm not mad about it. It really is such a comfy and flattering one piece swimsuit! It comes in yellow and blue and I have both! I'm a medium for reference in this one! 

9. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups // Anthropologie started off their 20% off for members sale and I was SO dang excited. I love when this sale happens because Anthropologie can be pricey but they have the CUTEST stuff! These cups are so cute, I use them everyday and they look so cute on your counter too! 

8. Beach Fleece // This fleece is my favorite and ya'll are loving it too! I wore it 2 times this week and I already know I'm gunna be wearing it a ton this Spring & Summer too! I got a size XS for reference, it's pretty oversized. 

7. Wedge Sandal // I've been buying all the cute sandals and flip flops I can get my hands on these days! I'm just soooo dang ready for cute dresses and Spring outfits! These were on sale last week and so many of you snagged them and said how comfortable they are!

6. Black Jumpsuit // Literally I don't like to say you NEED something but oh my gosh! This jumpsuit. YOU NEED IT. It's so cute! and comfortable, I basically feel like I'm wearing pajamas! I size down in it. It runs big. 

5. Mom & Me Swimsuits // I'm just DYING over these cute Mom & Me suits! I got my normal size Medium but sized up for Savanna. I'm impressed with how well they made for how affordable they are. I'm planning a Mom & Me swimsuit try on soon as soon as all my suits come in! ;)

4. The Best Rug! // So weird to see this rug I bought last year on the list but it's still my favorite and super affordable. Under $120! Very soft and the colors are a bit muted and go with everything! 

3. My Favorite Candles // Because we loooooove candles, right? I always stock up when they're on sale! This is THE candle you need for Spring ya'll TRUST ME. SO good! 

2. BROW WIZ PENCIL // I know SO many of ya'll snagged this on sale but even NOT on sale it's an amazing freaking deal you guys!! Seriously. 

1. The Sandals You Need For Spring // look sis! If you buy ONE sandal this season, it needs to be these. They are so comfortable and super cute. I almost wish I would have bought 2 pairs because I feel like I'm going to wear these until I can't anymore! HA! They run true to size for me, I'm normally a 7.5 and that's what I got! 

So that's it! Your favorites from the week! I seriously always love these posts because it's so fun to hear feedback from ya'll about what you like and what you don't! I haven't shared a ton this week because things have been crazy, excited to get back into "routine" this week! 

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Can't wait to catch up soon! XOXO

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