Weekly Follower Faves 3/3

Another week has come and gone already and I'm already busy planning ahead to next week and month. March is going to be jam packed with all the fun things, we're starting some new projects here at the casa, I'm planning lots of fun Spring try on sessions, and vacation content the next few weeks and sharing lots of budget friendly ways you can update your own spaces on a budget! I'm excited that Winter is hopefully coming to a close and Spring is arriving! 

All that being said, one of my favorite things to do every week is reflect back on the posts you guys enjoyed and loved. I love to catch up on DM's, plan our meals and plan out the week so I can be as productive as possible. I'm totally that person that needs to write every single little thing down or I forget all of of it. So I try my best on Sunday to sit down and plan out my week as much as I can. 

This week I'm also starting the 30 day slim down and would love it if you wanted to join me! I'll be blogging about it here and updating weekly but there will also be a tab on my Instagram with meals and how I'm doing with the program! If you want to check it out- here, you can use code 'laurie' for $10 off the plan!

Today I wanted to share with you the TOP 10 purchases and follower faves this week. These are the things you guys purchased the most from the blog and Instagram

So excited about this fleece being on the list because I love it so much! It's so comfy and perfect for Spring & will transition well into Summer as well. I got an XS or sizing reference as it's already oversized so I would stick with your normal size when ordering. 

This wallet has been a follower fave now for a few weeks, it's huge and can fit a TON of stuff. It's really well made, and perfect if you like the look of another, more expensive brand, but don't want to spend the money! 

Making the list for the 3rd week in a row guys! I'm obsessing over these drawers for organizing! They can hold SO much and really keep all the things looking neat and tidy. I have the chrome one under my sink and the darker one upstairs in my bathroom. They're both very sturdy, and great to organize all the things. 

I know i've been posting this throw an annoying amount of times but it's just so good! I love that it's lightweight and that it can be used in the warmer seasons ahead. Stock is limited on this one so don't hate me if it sells out. ;) 

Similar to the striped fleece I shared above, this cute navy one seems to be everyones favorite this week. 

Organizing goals. Enough said.

This belt is so impressive! Super well made and super affordable. I just ordered the black!

These beads are one of my favorite things to decorate with! They add such a fun element to jars, lanterns, trays, etc. These are super affordable and perfect for layering Spring decor!

I'm really glad ya'll are into organizing as much as I am! I'm obsessing over this vanity tray. It's so well made and perfect for storing all of your pretty little things on a bathroom countertop or beside your bed! The rose gold color is super pretty and it's very durable. I love it so much I'm including it in this months giveaway box! (head to Instagram to see what I'm talking about!) 

(wearing them in both pics!)
And the number one seller this week? My hands down favorite denim shorts ever! YES EVER. They're the perfect shorts and I snagged them in every color. I made the mistake of waiting to get them last year and decided this year I would stock up in all the colors before they sold out;) 

and that's a wrap! I hope ya'll are ready for more Amazon Hauls, some fun house projects and travel tips! I have a lot planned for you this week/month! As always, thanks so much for hanging out! It means the world to me that so many of you take the time out of your lives and day to spend with me! I am forever thankful! 

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