26 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Hey babes! Long time no blog, what can I say? Summer is just beginning for us here at the Scardina Casa, Nick had his last day of school on Tuesday and Sav on Monday. We're ready. I'm anxious to have a more relaxed schedule for sure, but let's face it, Summer days can get long, and well, boring, after a bit. I love it but Sav get's bored quickly, she can occupy herself but she likes to have things and activities to do or look forward to! 

I do have a few day trips planned but nothing crazy besides our beach trip to Florida at the end of the Summer, our bucket list is pretty basic, but it's full of some of the best traditional Summer things and that makes me happy for sure! Every Sunmer since Nick was little I put together a bucket list and it was one of my favorite things to do! 

But today I wanted to round up 25 fun things you can do with your littles this Summer that don't cost a ton of money! 

1. Head to the Zoo. 

This is basically on everyone's bucket list, isn't it? We personally love Smaller Zoos. Not only are they cheaper but you get a completely different experience visiting smaller ones, we head to one about an hour from us, and you can ride camels there. Savanna talks about it all year and always looks forward to our Summer trips there! 

2. Make a birdhouse-

There are plenty of ways you can DIY this project but sometimes it's just cheaper to buy a kit! We did (this one) and it came with everything we needed except the bird feed itself! 

3. Build a Sandcastle in your own backyard!

Savanna's favorite thing is this (Sand) i love it because it's not as messy as Play-Doh and never ever dries out. We have several sets of sand but (this set) is great and comes with a container to keep your sand in and all the accessories you need to build a sandcastle in your own backyard. 

4. Do a Sensory Activity-

We love these themed sets from (amazon) we like to learn about different things each week and these are great for that. One week we'll do something about space, the next about the ocean, the next about dinosaurs- etc. 

5. Buy a cheap telescope and spend the night looking at the stars-

Sav has been really intrigued by Space lately! Which is awesome because so am I! I love looking through a telescope and exploring the night sky! There are several great guides online to search for different star configurations or you can grab a book to help guide you! {We got this one.} 

6. Make a hanging Solar System!

7. Create a Fairy Garden
You can opt to head to your local nursery to grab a few things but this is a great starter set! 

8. Play in a Sprinkler

9. Have an outdoor movie night!

We've made so many memories with our outdoor movie set already! We have this projector, it's under $100 bucks but has been good to us for the past 2 years and serves it's purpose! Also, it's bluetooh so you can connect it to any bluetooth enabled speaker! We use this projector screen! I love it because it's light and we can pretty much carry it anywhere! 

10. Have Smores making "contest" using different ingredients and vote on who's creation tastes the best!

11. Have a backyard camp-out

This is exactly what it sounds like! just pitch a cheap tent in the backyard, start a fire, roast marshmallows or grill hot dogs and tell scary stories! It's such a fun time and we host a family camp-out with my nieces every year! They love it and so do we! 

12. Go out for Ice Cream or Snowballs

13. Visit a Drive in Movie or go to the Movies

14. Make a wind chime
15. Create a Butterfly Garden
16.Catch Fire-Fly's 
I'm not even sure if everyone has these but one of our favorite things to do in the Summer is catch fireflies in a mason jar! We just punch holes in the top and catch as many as we can and look at them for a little while before we let them go. It's one of those simple things that seriously makes me so happy! 

17. Visit a local lake or beach

18. Head to Michaels Stores for a craft day!

Did you know Michaels Stores offers weekly themed crafts for your littles? It's called Camp Creativity! Just pay a small fee and your little one can make a cute craft on select days through the week! We've been doing this with the kids for years and it's seriously so fun!

19. Make Ice Cream- We follow this recipe from All Recipes and it's so good!

20. Visit a theme park 

21. Have a water balloon fight! These self TIE Water Balloons are so awesome! 
22. Paint Rocks- I'm sure you could totally find some rocks around your own yard to paint but if you can't this set is super cute! 

23. Sidewalk Chalk 

24. Bake a Cake 
25. Make Slime- I know, don't hate me. But this is one of Savanna's favorite thing to do! So I let her and just make sure she keeps it outside. We found the coolest kit that comes with everything you need on Amazon! 
26. Vist an Aquarium 

As you an probably tell, Sav really loves arts and crafts so I'm always looking for good kits so she can be creative! I really hope this list helps you on those boring summer days when theres nothing to do! We typically do one craft a week, and we take one "field trip" a week. A field trip can just mean a trip to our cousins house to swim for the day, a trip to our local farmers market or a quick stop to grab snowballs or ice cream! 

I really love the long lazy days of Summer and am looking forward to spending lots of down time with the kids this Summer just relaxing and enjoying it while it lasts! I hope you do too!

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