4 tips on how to easily transition your decor for the seasons!

Hey Babes! Can ya'll believe it's October already?! I know I always say that, but seriously. HOW. this year has flown by so dang fast and I can't even believe it. I'm excited for spooky season though! Even though the temps here in Maryland say July 74th and not October 1st. Ya'll know I'm not complaining, I'm totally a warm weather girl at heart! 

However, I do love that with the change of seasons and Holidays it means new colors and decor to decorate and play with! I love seasonal decor so dang much. But I know it can feel tricky or overwhelming on where to start when you want to add some seasonal decor into your everyday decor. I have a few tips today to help you get started! And hopefully help you with seasonal decor in general in the future. Decor should be fun, and should totally be a reflection of your personality. Don't you agree?!

Of course I had to hit up THE WAL-MART for some fun Fall Decor this season! I'm so freaking impressed with Wal-Mart and their awesome decor selection lately, and well honestly, clothing too! They have super cute, ballin on a budget friendly decor that is so fun to play with. I'm obsessing over all of their Fall Decor especially this year! 

This season I opted for lots of fun Fall colors like, orange and purple, to get me into the spirit. Which brings me to my first tip when decorating a space for a season or Holiday...

Tip #1- Stick with Basic Neutrals-

One thing you probably notice about my home is that most or all of my furniture is super neutral, my porch furniture is no different! The gray wicker, and white cushions make it so easy to switch up my decor for the seasons. I follow this rule throughout our home, All my big furniture, beds, couches, tables, are super neutral, that way I can add things to make the space feel fresh and fun without painting or buying new furniture. It's a great thing to stick with taupe, gray or white paint colors and furniture. 

Tip #2- Opt for a throw blanket in a fun color or texture-

When adding seasonal decor into a space in my home, The first thing I do is usually switch out my throw blankets, sometimes I opt for color, or texture and sometimes I even keep these things neutral as well. But I typically like to add a fun throw blanket in to instantly rejuvinate a space! Wal-Mart has such an awesome selection of throw blankets lately! Super cozy, soft and crazy inexpensive! I snagged this yummy super soft and cozy white throw to add on our porch but it could easily work anywhere in our home throughout Fall and Winter! Pillows are another great way to do this, in general I usually only switch up one or two pillows for a seasonal change. And keep my everyday pillows neutral so the seasonal ones can easily be switched out. 

Tip #3- Add decorative seasonal objects-

When it comes to Fall is any space complete without pumpkins?! Let's be honest. I loved the soft muted green color of these I snagged from Wal-Mart, but they had tons of different colors too. Even real pumpkins if that's your thing! Adding pumpkins to a space for the season is a MUST. In the Winter I love pinecones and faux snow, together they look really great in lanterns, lanterns are a seriously awesome way to change up your holiday decor. I love filling mine with all sorts of things. Wal-Mart has some crazy cute ones that are super inexpensive as well! I'll link a few below! 

Tip #4- LAYERS-

I have a thing for layers, layers in my decor, layers in my clothing, just layers in general. HA! When decorating seasonally, I love to switch out my wreaths and signs for seasonally appropriate ones. Keeping the basics simple, like a mirror or old window, and then adding a layer with a wreath, or sign, is a super easy way to switch up your decor for the seasons. I like that I don't have to change an ENTIRE space to get a fresh look. Keeps things easy, AND FUN! 

Tip #5- Twinkle lights and Candles never hurt anyone ;)

Last but not least, when decorating a space, especially for the cooler months, is anything complete with some twinkle lights or battery operated candles? I think not. I love how easy it is to add coziness to a space just with something as simple as candles, or twinkle lights, I snagged {these} from Wal-Mart and these battery operated lights and love them both! They will totally be a staple here as the cooler months creep up on us. (not ready by the way).

So there ya have it, some simple and easy tips when decorating for the seasons. It doesn't have to be overwhelming if you look at smaller scale spaces and then work on spaces individually instead of tackling everything all at once. Add a banner, hang a wreath, throw up some lights and call it a day! 

Have ya'll shopped at Wal-Mart for decor lately? Or just in general? Would love to hear from you! Drop a comment for me below or send me a message on Instagram

{this post is sponsored by wal-mart, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. this post may contain affiliate links. Thank you so much for your continued love and support always! I couldn't do this without you!}

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