How To Create a Thanksgiving Table On A Budget!

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving, oh wait, it's October and it's not even Halloween yet. My bad. But is it ever too early to start game planning for the holidays? I think not! If I don't start early I feel like I can't get to everything I want to do. And I also want to give you guys some inspiration if possible. 

Today, I wanted to give you some tips and tricks on putting together a tablescape for Thanksgiving, or whenever really. I have to be honest and tell ya'll I was REALLY intimidated at first when it came to tablescapes, I don't feel like I'm great a them, and we hardly ever eat at the table. plates and chargers sitting around just felt like something that would need to be cleaned and dusted and I'm all about having LESS to clean! Not more. 

However, we DO host Thanksgiving and it's the one time of year I actually get to set the table and I really enjoy doing it. I also don't even mind doing a few test runs;) I like playing around with different colors and schemes every year but this year I kept it pretty traditional with things from THE WAL-MART! I'm super obsessed with Wal-Mart's seasonal and Holiday decor lately you guys! Super affordable, really trendy and way cute! I picked up almost EVERYTHING {INCLUDING THE REAL PUMPKINS!} there! 

So let's get started on your Table Scape you guys! Put on some good music, play around with some different colors and gather what you need or want to use! 

Step 1: Clear off your table (obviously)

Anytime I'm decorating a new space for a new season or Holiday, I remove EVERYTHING and start fresh, lots of times I'll incorporate the same things into the space but I'll also add and subtract too. This allows me to see the same spaces with fresh eyes and can be super inspiring. I cleared off the table here and dusted it to make sure it was all clean and ready to go!

Step 2: Add a layer
I love to use table runners, I don't feel like any space is really complete without that first layer between the furniture and items. I love table runners of all kinds and really think they warm up a space! This one is from {Wal-mart} and I really like the neutral color and the texture of the fringe detail that can work in everyday decor or through the seasons as well! When shopping for new pieces to decorate the table, I like to stay on a budget because I change it up pretty often!

Step 3: Add your charger plates
You'll be surprised at how different this first layer can make a space! I'm crushing so hard on copper right now and these are so fun for Fall, I got them at Wal-Mart online and you can find them {here} there are several options on the site and the prices are great. I like mixing up the charger combinations on the table and not keeping everything so matchy. So I flanked the ends with some textured chargers to break up the look a bit.

Step 4: Add plates 
I like using plain white plates for basically all of my tables, I got this Pioneer Woman set from Wal-Mart (notice a trend here!) and I love the scallop detail, I've actually had these for a few years and still love them just the same, these are bit more creamy than white and I really love that on this table, it warms up the space. Having white plates on hand keeps me from worrying about finding matching chargers etc. and we can use them every day too! 

Step 5: Focal Points

It's Thanksgiving, and when the time comes I'll remove the Pumpkins and the turkey will become the display here, but for now! I just used a bunch of different sized and style pumpkins to put together a centerpiece in the center of the table, I got them all from Wal-Mart, even the real ones! I love the light green look and the copper stems on these faux ones. Since I'm a candle holder hoarder I don't think any space is complete without some cozy candles, I gathered up some of my favorites and put them all together to display in the center of the table. 

Step 6: Add Garland or Greenery
I found this garland at Wal-Mart last minute and really loved the Fall Vibes it gave off, and well, the price as pretty fab too! I got a set of 2 but only used one, I worked backwards in a 3 shape around my items to fill in the empty space. And I LOVE the outcome!

Step 7: Add your place settings, cups and light your candles!

That's it! You're all done! See how easy it is when you break it down into steps?

 I find I can decorate any space when I just break it down into layers and steps VS. being so overwhelmed thinking about the overall outcome. 

I hope ya'll found this helpful! Come say "Hey!" on Instagram and let me know what you think! did you find this helpful? Would you like more tutorials like this in the future!? I'd love to hear from ya'll!

{this post is sponsored by wal-mart but all product selection, thoughts and opinions and sourcing was my own! Thank you so much for supporting my little blog, ya'll are amazing!}

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