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Friday Favorites- French Country Florals

Happy Friday babes and beauties! Are you excited? I'd probably be a bit more excited if the forecast wasn't calling for rain ALL WEEKEND, but such is life and it can't rain forever, right? Right. I love the weekends because I try to put my phone down and disconnect from social media a bit so I can focus on my family. This weekend we're heading to our local beach. Ocean City, Maryland. I've been going since I was a kid and spent pretty much every Summer there so it gives me all sorts of feels, we go often in the Summer, but this trip, it kicks off the start of the Summer season for us. Even if it IS cold and rainy right now, it reminds me that warmer and sunnier days are ahead. 

Have I mentioned I haven't even started packing? The good thing about having a beach place to go too is that you can sort of just throw clothes in a bag and go, most of the stuff we need is already there. I'm excited to basically just stuff my face all weekend and drink some Mimosas. Even if I can't get some beach time in, there's still lots to look forward to and do! I'll be sharing our adventure and some of my favorite shops and places to eat over on my Insta Stories all weekend! 

But duh, let's get started, because we all know the real reason you're here. Friday Favs! 

I've been crushing on these French Country Market Totes forever.
Image Source: Pinterest
I just love them stuffed with flowers, hanging on hooks or being toted around to Farmers Markets or the beach. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the one I linked below. I am SO excited to get it! 

Most of ya'll know that we love Disney right? We're going in 14 days and I'm so excited for our trip! I came across these tee's when someone tagged me in a giveaway on Instagram and I just had to have them! I'm obsessed with cute Disney clothes, what can I say? I'm a kid at heart;) But I mean..seriously. Check these out guys at Once Upon A Mickey Tee! i wish I had a discount code of some sort for you guys but they don't even know I'm sharing them today! 
I'm so so excited, I literally can't wait! I could go a thousand times and it just never gets old. We're also doing Universal too and I'm still on the hunt for a Harry Potter Tee or three so if you know of anyone that makes shirts or where I can snag some, hook a sista up!

I've been asked a few times about my gold necklace I wear in my Insta Stories, I got it from The Silver Wren, She makes gorgeous necklaces and I highly recommend her shop! I've bought three already! She also makes adorable bracelets. 

I shared this Vintage Floral Doormat on the gram and was asked about it, oh, 845,308 times. For obvious reasons, it's freaking gorgeous and you need it. Especially if you're loving all the floral things like me! 

You can also pick up my favorite sandals here, I've been on the hunt for the perfect comfy neutral sandal and this is IT. I was genuinely surprised by how comfy these are! I've been wearing them basically every day. Oh, and PS. I wish I was pleased with cute dainty feet but I wasn't haha ;) 

Last but not least, I've been using this lip scrub and ya'll my lips are as smooth as butta!! I'm obsessed! Plus the scent is amazing. It's only $14 and you need it in your makeup bag..truuuust me! 

Okay so enough rambling for today! I hope ya'll have an awesome weekend!!! What are you loving this week? I love to hear from you guys! Drop a comment below or leave send me a message on Instagram

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Late Spring Buffet Decor

EEKK! Can you believe we're entering Late Spring already? I'm so excited for Summer, but trying to soak up as much Springtime as I can, I decided to give my favorite buffet some little Spring Lovin'  and I hope you love it!
I love when the best decorated spaces happen on "accident". I literally threw this whole thing together in a few quick minutes. I wanted to move the peony garland off the dining room table but it was so pretty I hated the thought of packing it away. We were having company over for dinner one evening so I just quickly draped the garland over my favorite old window mirror and left it at that. 

I got the Milk & Cream sign from Kristy from @thepaintednest she is truly one of the BEST sign makers. I have so many signs from her in my home, like the cow print one I have in my kitchen and the latitude sign in our living room gallery wall. But Kristy only does flash sales and I know some of you want things RIGHT NOW, so I'm linking this cute sign here. 
The lantern is a favorite purchase from Home Goods but I'm linking some similar ones below for you to check out if you're wanting to create a similar look in your own spaces, I love lanterns SO much in my home, they're so versatile and I blogged about all the ways you can decorate with lanterns in this post here

The big demijohn bottle is from Decor Steals which is a daily deal site so you have to snag things quickly when you see them! They have so many Farmhouse Style Home Decor items and they're definitely worth checking out. My dough bowl is vintage but you can check out your local antique shops for them or snag a similar one here
I get asked about this cute buffet a ton. I was having NO luck finding a buffet at a reasonable cost to repaint or refinish so I had to buy one and then repaint it myself to completely customize it and make it what I wanted it to be. I painted and distressed it and then added the crystal knobs to add a little touch of GLAM to the table itself. I am still as obsessed as ever with it! Which is weird because I tend to get tired of things really quickly around here! You can get my exact buffet by clicking this link here
The dough bowl is antique and I found it at a local antique shop but I'm pleased to tell ya'll that you can get your very own dough bowl, right here!

I'm such a sucker for THINGS. I love THINGS in my home. I know it's a style not meant for everyone but that's the cool thing about Home Decor, it can be whatever we want it to be. And that's what make our homes uniquely ours! 
What do you guys think about the floral garland and my favorite space decorated for late Spring? I think it will stay like this for a little while! It just makes me smile looking at it everyday! 

Be sure to follow the fun on Instagram and Facebook! I love chatting with you and hearing your thoughts! 

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How To White Wash A Terra Cotta Pot

Hey everyone! Happy Monday and HAPPY NEW MONTH! Today I bring you a post on how to WHITE WASH a boring clay terra cotta pot to give it some nice french country style.

I always love the start of a new month, especially May because we take so many fun trips and we celebrate both Nick and Savanna's Birthdays! We usually spend our first weekend of May every year at the beach, it's pretty much the kickstart of our Summer, and I just get all the feel good vibes! Plus, I'm usually spending a lot more time outside, playing with dirt and getting my hands dirty, is it weird I love the smell of dirt btw? MEH. 

Friday Favorites-Pineapples & Peonies

OH MY GOODNESS! I was wondering why I wasn't getting any messages about Friday Favorites and it's because I FORGOT TO PUBLISH THIS POST. Ya'll I can't even make this stuff up! You guys are getting a Monday Must Have's Post instead of a Friday Favorites this week..we're just gunna roll with it.

I'm not going to lie, I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my time. I know I'll get it one day, eventually. Maybe?? They say the most creative people are the messiest and most unorganized. I try ya'll, I really do.. but I have these things called KIDS and they fry your brain sometimes. 

I'm excited to share some of my favorite finds and things from this week and last! I love Friday Favorites because it's always a mix of everything I love! Home Decor, Fashion or just everyday things I'm loving and using. Like Mops. They're not really fun to talk about until you find a good one! I can't tell you how many of my recent conversations have started out with.. "So, I bought this AWESOME MOP!!!..." and my friends are actually all about it. That's what we do. We sit around, drink wine, and talk about Mops.

Last week on my Insta stories I shared my new 1.//Pineapple Suitcase 
and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. I had to justify the purchase by telling Nick my old suitcase had a broken zipper. Which it did. But I mean, let's be real. I would have bought it even if my "old suitcase" was brand new, because Pineapples. DUH. 

I also shared this gorgeous garland on my Instagram Feed and was so bummed to see it was sold out, but I'm sharing this pretty 2.//floral garland 

which would make a gorgeous alternative! You could also DIY of course, would be fairly easy and fun! I also shared a beauty item I absolutely 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Yes, it's that serious. Some left the comment to me, Everyone with a face should use a 3.//Clarisonic
I completely 100% whole heartedly agree with that comment! IT'S LIFE CHANGING. Especially for those who suffer acne and/or large pores. Or the unfortunate ones, like me, who suffer from both. Since using it, my skin feels smoother, I'm using less product on my face and my acne has diminished. Especially those annoying little bump that just never seem to go away. It's a game changer and you need it. 

Back to home decor, I was so excited to share my "flower pickin' bucket" with ya'll! 

That's what I like to call my little galvanized bucket I picked up at the antique shop. I got asked about the bucket so much I had to track down one for ya'll! I found 4.//this one 
which is an authentic FOUND piece! I just love having antiques and items that tell a story in my home! I was so happy to see this one and just had to share with you guys!

And last but not least, ya'll need to check out Erin at Peaches and Polish on Etsy.

She is truly talented and I was so excited to get my custom designed wreath by her! She totally saw my vision and brought it to life. I still can't believe I'm over here obsessing about Faux Florals but here I am! HA! And I'm ridiculously obsessed! I hope ya'll stop over and check out her amazing shop! I just know you'll love it as much as I do.

Here's to a NEW MONTH!! I'm so excited about May and all the things in store for us this month! Hope you all have an awesome week! XOXO

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