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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Easiest Entertaining Recipe Ever!

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Hi Friends! Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I just went on Vacation. Well, if you want to call Disney World a vacation, but that post is for another time and place, because well, Today I'm going to share one of my favorite easy entertaining "secrets" with you. Although it might not be all that, well, secret. 

One of the things we love to do here at The Glam Farmhouse, is entertain. Especially in the summer! Yes, people are always stopping over to say "Hey!" and hang out for awhile here. Which I love, but it can also be frustrating sometimes, because I'm one of those old fashioned people that feel like I need to greet my guests with food and drinks. 

So one thing I'm always doing here is looking for quick, easy and fun recipes that are easy to throw together in a blink when we have company over. Something I don't have to think a ton about and don't have to get my oven messy for. But also something that can be customized, unique and still fun! It needs to be things that are kid AND adult friendly.

Are you ready to get started? This won't take long. I promise. These little pies are effortless, easy and make great snacks for entertaining and family and friends!

The ingredients you'll need are all super simple and things you can pick up at Walmart!
Keebler®Ready Crust® Mini Graham Cracker Pie Crust (6 count)
Oikos® Greek Yogurt or Dannon® Light & Fit® Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt

You can use ANY types of flavors of yogurt that you want too, but these are just the ones I picked this time. Have I mentioned another awesome thing about these mini-pies? They are so easy to get creative with! Kids love choosing what to put on their own mini-pies! 

It's literally as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE! 

Step 1: Prepare your mini pies. And by prepare I mean just break them out of the plastic wrappers. It's a hard step I know, just stay with me here.

Step 2: Open up the yogurt packaging and scoop into pie crusts. Be careful because if you don't spoon out the yogurt correctly, it could really mess up the whole pies. (Sarcasm, you guys, Sarcasm.)

Step 3: Break out the Reddi-Whip®! Kids love to help with this part, and adults too, actually. Why is Reddi-Whip® so much fun?!!! 
Step 4: Choose your toppings! Get creative people! I used some coconut and lime on some, and strawberries on the other! SO yummy. And obviously really easy! Such a fun way to get creative and let kiddos use their imaginations. Also a fun way to get them to eat a little healthier, I mean, when these pies are this much fun, who needs Ice Cream! ;) Even better? These won't melt. 

Since it's Memorial Day weekend I wanted things to be festive! So I just added some blueberries for fun! 

Let's face it you guys, we all want things to be easy sometimes! And I can literally throw these together in like, a minute. And pretend that I actually took the time to do something really creative. That's where the secret part comes in.;) I won't tell if you don't okay? 

You can get even more creative ideas and info by visiting the Effotless Pies page Here!
If you love a good deal (DUH! WHO DOESN'T?) Check out this Ibotta DEAL

What do you guys think about this easy and fun recipe? If you decide to give this a try I'd love to hear about what you used to make them! Leave me a comment below or let's chat on the gram, you can find me The Glam Farmhouse! I love to hear from you! 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

3 BIG IMPACT kitchen updates for less then $50!

Lots of times, Owning a fixer upper, I've discovered projects you don't think will cost a ton of money end up costing way more then expected. And being a lot more work then we think.
Thankfully, I'm not here to talk about those things today! Nope. I'm hear to chat about 3 little updates you can make in your kitchen that will make a BIG impact. I'm all about big impact with little effort..and little cash. 

So I was really excited to put this post together for you, to show you that you don't have to spend a ton of money to make some updates! I know sometimes this social media world can be intimidating, and I'm not here to make things harder then they need to be;)

All of these things cost $50 or less and will INSTANTLY make an impact in your kitchen (and other spaces!) 

The first thing you can do to update your kitchen on a budget is to update your...


Something that's so often overlooked but can make things look so much more put together. I was amazed at the before and after. Seriously. I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but just update ONE. JUST ONE of your outlet covers and check the difference. It will make a room instantly look a little more put together. 

The good news is, you can buy outlet covers for less then $3 each if you shop them right. I've looked at Home Depot, Lowes and stores like that, and was surprised to find the cheapest ones at Wal-Mart and they are still the same quality as the more expensive ones. You can also check some sellers on Amazon to get a great deal on a multi pack. 

Total Cost- $25

Update Number 2:

I blogged about this about a month ago. The change is really amazing. Again, you'd be surprised at how little you have to spend to make a big impact in a space. Who knew, huh? I got my fixtures on AMAZON for less then $40 for all of them! Such a cheap and simple update. And the pictures, well, they speak for themselves. Don't you agree?

Total Cost- $40

Update Number 3:

Window Treatments

If you don't have windows in your kitchen then you can create a make shift focal point by hanging a wreath and a vintage window above your sink or in a similar space. Thankfully, I have a real window! I don't think a lot of people take a lot of time decorating around their kitchen sinks, but the way I see it..I spend a lot of time here, cooking, washing dishes and foods for my family. So I wanted it to be a pretty space. 

As pretty as a kitchen sink could be at the very least. 

I bought these bamboo blinds at Home Depot and hung the curtain rod because I knew I wanted to hang a pretty wreath or boxwood. The blinds were $40! You can find similar here and for less money. And they are worth every penny! So easy to care for. I just wipe them down occasionally (probably not as much as I should.) With a wet cloth and they are all good again. These are the same blinds I also have in my dining room and they are my FAVORITE. 

Total Cost-$50

You can literally do any of these things, in a day or less! 

What do you guys think of these cheap and easy updates? Have you done any or are you planning to do any of these things? I'd love to hear about it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and SnapChat: @glamfarmhouse! I love to hear your sweet thoughts and comments! They mean so much to me truly! 

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hey all! I hope you had a great week! We have had TWO, yes, TWO straight weeks of rainy and cloudy days here and I won't lie. It's starting to really beat me down and get to my mood. Some serious eye rolls are happening right now. 

However, I'm still as excited as ever to put this weeks Friday Favorites post today! I've put together some of my favorite things from the week, and I hope you love them as much me! 

First, I'm really freaking excited about these new cleaning supplies I discovered from Mrs Jones Soap Box, I really DON'T love cleaning you guys! SURPRISE, right?! But these fun and smell good products make the task a little more bearable. I really love the Sparkle cleaner for my granite and appliances, it does just what it promises to do. It makes everything SPARKLE! :) 

I have some even MORE exciting news for you! You can use code GLAMFARM10 for 10% off any order you place with Mrs. Jones Soapbox! Exciting, right? I was so thrilled when she agreed to offer a discount code to my followers and readers! I love getting a great deal for you guys. 

Wanna know a secret? I don't really like yogurt. I know. It's weird. But I discovered this yummy new yogurt from Dannon and I'm sort of obsessed! Specifically with the Coconut Chocolate Bliss and the Strawberry Cheesecake! It's ridiculous how good it is, seriously. You need to try!!!! 
Plus it's super easy to grab when I'm feeling snacky and I can even take it on the go!

I received my BLOOM VoxBox from Influenster and I didn't even sign up to receive one so I was a little surprised when I got the e-mail that I'd be getting one. But it was pretty cool, and full of travel sized goodies. I haven't tried anything out yet but will be packing the mini sized deodorant and hair lifter for our beach trip this weekend. I'll fill you in on how I like the hair products next week;) 
If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat then you've heard all about my journey to find ALL of these limited edition Yankee Candle COCONUT scented candles. I'm seriously freaking out over them, like, it's ridiculous. But I'm so obsessed with all the scents and I was thrilled to snag this one at Marshall's along with two others over the weekend! 
If you happen to see one while you're out and about shopping, then GET IT!!!! You'll be just as obsessed as me! SO GOOD YA'LL. I know, I'm a candle freak. It's a serious problem.

Something else I'm loving this Friday is that we're heading to the beach for our first beach weekend of the year! We travel there a few times every year but the first weekend is always exciting. Something is floating around in the air reminding us that summer is coming! We'll spend the weekend strolling the boardwalk, looking at all the awesome craft vendors and eating food that's way too bad for us. But I'm 99% sure that's what Summer is all about;) DON'T TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT, OKAY?! 
I'm convinced that Salt Water is the cure for EVERYTHING. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.
And while it's not the islands or Jamaica, It feels like home to me. 

Before I leave, I wanna share one last thing with you guys! You can snag SO many of my favorite things this weekend at Shady Oaks Farm! Use code GLAMFARM15 for 15% off EVERYTHING, I've added a ton of new stuff to my collection too, so be sure to check that out! 
Yes. THIS INCLUDES MY FAVORITE TRAY. And how adorable is this little honey jar from there? So cute!! (YES. YOU NEED A NEW HONEY JAR.) LOL

I hope you enjoyed! And I want to thank you all SO SO MUCH for my the comments on my last post. They seriously made me cry! You all are so sweet and generous and I am so so thankful for you. Thank you for being here and joining in our journey. It truly means so much! I hope you all have a great weekend doing whatever it is you love to do! Let's chat soon! XO

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why I Suck At Blogging

You guys, It's about to get real for a minute. And by it, I mean me. I'm about to get real. I'll start with a random photo that really has nothing to do with my posts. 

Sometimes bloggers do that, right?! 
This is a post I've started writing several times and just never finished. For several reasons I guess. 

The world of blogging and social media is scary. Like, way scary you guys. I'm not rich. I don't live in a big ol fancy house, I live in a small town in a small county in a small state. I don't live in Cali where it's sunny all the time, I don't live in Texas where it's always warm. I don't live in any place special at all really. Which is why I think blogging is intimidating to me. It's super silly, I know it. There are plenty of bloggers out there without big fancy houses, but sometimes, I look at my house in comparison and I'm like..meh. 

Maybe it's not good enough for a blog.

Sometimes that's just the way I feel. 

I'm not really good with fashion. I shop at small boutique shops and might buy a quick cute tank at Target if I'm able to get five minutes to myself with Sav throwing stuff out of the cart to check for my size. So those super cute, well styled adorable momma and me pics don't really happen. In part because I don't have anyone to take a picture of us..nor do I have something white to stand in front of to take those cute shots. 

These are all excuses, obviously. I could find a way to do these things. But then sometimes, it starts to feel too much like work and I just want to be honest and real with you guys. 

Sometimes, I don't feel interesting. I feel like a boring Mom, that has dirty dishes in the sink, too much laundry in the laundry hamper, clothes thrown on the bed and popcorn on the floor. Most days I'm lucky to change out of my daily mom attire of yoga pants and my favorite Luke Bryan concert tee. Most of the time Savanna wants to run around with no clothes at all, and I'm not sure that's blog appropriate either;) 

I'm not super creative in the kitchen. So there goes the whole food blogger thing. Yeah. Ain't gunna happen. 

Sometimes, I feel like my blog is motivational. I have a list of projects a mile long that I want to share with you. Projects that will get finished one day, but not all at once. 

Then I also have days where I just want to share some positive vibes with you, I know so many of us are in the same boat. So I decide to share those little things I do to make our home more, well, like a home. It's been a journey with lots of highs and lots of lows. I don't think this place will ever be finished because we're always changing and evolving and well, as long as you all are here, I'll keep sharing because on days like today, when you are feeling like me, I want you to be inspired. I want to show you REAL SPACES AND REAL LIFE IN A REAL WAY. If that makes any sort of sense. 

I'm growing and continuing this journey to see where it takes me! 

In the meantime, I'm sorry if I suck at blogging and I hope you understand. 

I hope you understand that I'm a real person, with a real life, and a real house, with real projects to complete. I have real feelings and emotions. I'm a raw and open person. I won't sugar coat things or hide my feelings most of the time. I'm not always happy and I'm not always motivated. And also. I'm late. Like, A lot. BUT one thing is true. 

I love having you here, the fact that so many of you take the time out of your day to come sit and hang out with me for a few minutes means the world. 


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Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm back with another edition of Friday Favorites!

I love Fridays for lots of reasons, the number one reason is that Friday usually means that the weekend is bringing us lots of fun plans and or house projects. The truth is, the weekend doesn't mean a break for us Stay at home Mommas and creative minded folks. It just means more time to tackle our projects with our husbands home to help us;) 

This week, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you guys! 

Like this super awesome rug I shared on Instagram that ya'll freaked about. I was so excited to find it for under $15 at target
I'm in the middle of a style crisis and switching things over from the blue I've been loving all these years to black and white, At first I was scared, but the rug totally pulled everything together and now I'm pretty much obsessed. Also, maybe one day I'll get around to painting these cabinets;) 

As per usual Friday Favorites post, here are the flowers of the week. I really love having fresh flowers around you guys, especially when things are feeling really rainy, and gross and I need something to cheer me up! 
Love those fluffy blue blooms! Don't you?!

I'm currently shopping for a new light fixture for our upstairs entryway. It's harder then I thought making a decision. I'm so weird about lighting! I'm currently crushing on this one from Shady Oaks Farm
But then I'm also loving this one which takes us in a completely different direction. 
UGH. How do you choose? I love both for different reasons and I'm having the worst time choosing. Which one do you guys like better? 

I was so excited to spot this adorable mug at Home Goods tucked away in a corner! The colors were so pretty! I'm a bit of a mug collector (among other things) and can never pass up a cute one. This one is my go too for a while;) 

I'm also loving this minty little clock. It's the cutest, right? I also just realized I have a clock obsession. Who Else? You can find this little beauty at Curtis Creation!

I bet you didn't know I was a makeup junkie, huh? I've tried SO many under-eye concealers for my dark circles and there were a few things that were okay, but then I stumbled across THIS concealer by Becca and I'M OBSESSED. I'm on my third jar and it's truly amazing. If you've been searching for a great stay put concealer this one is it and you totally need to check it out. TRUST ME! 

We're heading to DISNEY WORLD in just three weeks ya'll! Sort of freaking out because I have so much to do to prepare, but crazy excited at the same time. We're going for Nick and Savanna's birthdays so this trip is extra special for us:) We're staying at the Beach Club and I'm super excited about it. We've never stayed there before but I was sold on the fact that you can literally walk, YES WALK, to Epcot and Hollywood Studios!

It's supposed to be a rainy weekend but we're planning to make the best of things. I'm really wanting to rip up our carpet in the living room and get started laying hardwood but we're going to be so busy over the next few weeks I don't know if it's going to happen, but I'm spontaneous so who knows! Next weekend will be our first beach weekend of the year and we're super excited and hoping the weather is better by then! I hope you guys have a great weekend doing whatever it is you love to do! 

Be sure to follow along with TGF on Snap Chat if you don't already. You can find me @glamfarmhouse there! 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Age NEW Metal

Raise your hand if you love the vintage patina and look of aged metal! *Raises Hand* Well then, stick around and let me tell ya the secret to taking your NEW metal (you know, like those super cute but really shiny metal pails in a certain dollar spot that everyone knows about? (Cough, Target, Cough) and making it look, well, old. 

Why would you want to do this you ask? Well, if you're here at TGF it's probably because you're kinda diggin' farmhouse and rustic style. So, that means, shiny and new really ain't your thing. I want my metal to look old and aged so it fits in with my current decor, at the same time, I'm obsessed with the cute little pails that seem to come every season and love to use them in different vignettes. Aging the metal to look older gives the pieces some character and makes them seem a bit more appealing, at least to me. 

Just check out some of my favorite Target One Spot pails that I've snagged over the past few months. 

All super cute, right? Would you know they were $3 bucks? Or not even a few months old? Probably not. 

So let's chat a little bit about just how to "age" metal on your own. 

It's way easier then you might think and only requires two ingredients and about an hour of your time. (Give or take.) 

By now you're probably like, just SHUT UP and tell me already..or you scrolled all the way through the first half of the post and are just looking for the good stuff. That's okay, I forgive you because I do it too. Shh. We're all friends here.

Okay, Ingredient number 1? 


Any vinegar will do, but I just like to use white vinegar because it smells less weird. At least I think so.

Second you need BLEACH. 

I like splashless best, just because it seems to make less of a mess.

Once you have those two ingredients let's gather our "supplies".

I typically just go ahead and do this process in my kitchen sink for smaller things, for bigger things you can use a big plastic storage tub or similar. But you'll probably need double the bleach and vinegar. 

Step 1:
Start by putting your shiny item in the sink or tub or whatever you're using. 
Step 2:
Then go ahead and fill it about a third of the way covered with water.
Step 3: 
Once that's done, it's time to break out the bad stuff.
I typically do equal parts water/vinegar/bleach, so a third of the way with water, a third of the way with bleach, and a third of the way with vinegar. 

Now is the hardest part, at least for me. The waiting. UGH, I HATE WAITING. But trust me, it's going to be worth it.

Resist the urge to dip you're hands in the mixture. You need to give the metal time to soak up the bleach and vinegar. I typically wait about 15-20 minutes, and then take a peek. 

If there's a weird black film, that's normal. Just take a paper towel and DAB, DO NOT RUB, DAB away the black. This will just add to the patina and make the metal look more authentic and aged. 

Let it dry and then feel free to use it in any way you please! 

So pretty, right? And I just love that it looks more authentic and old once I do this little trick. It might be cheating, but don't judge me and I won't judge you. Obviously there's nothing better then the real thing, but if you can't get your hands on the real thing, or if you simply can't pass up the Target goodness, this is totally another great option!

So what do you think? Will you be trying this? I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts! 


[DISCLOSURE: It's true that mixing high levels of bleach and vinegar together is toxic. But you'd have to have a significant amount for it to be deadly. You can opt to use just bleach if that makes you more comfortable and you'll get a similar effect but will most likely have a thicker film.] 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5 Favorite Farmhouse Trays

I have an obsession with lots of things. Vintage Things, Rustic Things, Chippy Things. Pillows, Blankets, Lanterns.. okay. You get it. But one of my favorite things?



I can never pass up on a good one. Nope. Never. I know some of you can relate. Or at least I hope so because that's what I tell Nick when he says "Do you REALLY need another tray?" (or throw pillow, or lantern, or blanket, or basket..or..well. You get the idea.)

I get asked about my trays a lot, especially on Instagram. So I figured I would just put my favorite trays together in a post so I can just direct you guys here when you ask about my trays, or where to find them. 

There are lots of great shops online to find trays if you don't have luck at places like Home Goods and Tuesday Morning. Antique stores, yard sales and flea markets are a great place to find old chippy galvanized trays too. I often order my trays online though just because the selection is awesome and I can find exactly what I'm looking for. Or sometimes, find something I don't even know I'm looking for. Insert REALLY obvious *wink* emoji, here. ;) 

So here are some trays I'm loving at the moment, all for different reasons. And don't limit your trays to just displaying stuff in your kitchens or dining rooms. I use trays in my bedroom, bathrooms, kids rooms, basically everywhere. Not only are trays cute, but they are super functional too. 

Check out my favs with the reasons why I love them below!
I love the shape of this one, It would be perfect for displaying hand towels and other essentials in a bathroom or guest bath. 
MY favorite tray, obviously. This is the one I always post about. By far my favorite. Hands down. I style mine up for the seasons with some of my favorite kitchen decor items.
Perfect for buffets and styling mugs and coffee stations! Lots of space for organizing and display.
This large rustic style tray is one of my favorites! I love to see it styled up for living room displays, or with several candle sticks on a dining room table for a big impact and farmhouse effect.
THE PERFECT Kitchen Tray! I love the vintage goodness of this one. Perfect for storing and displaying snacks (bags of chips) etc on a kitchen counter or in a pantry for easy access. 

Which tray is your favorite?! I'm thinking I need one (or two) of each! 
Thank you guys for stopping by today. I always appreciate your comments, they each mean so much to me, truly! 

Are you following The Glam Farmhouse on Instagram? You can also subscribe by clicking the link to the right so you don't miss a post! 

Happy Tuesday!

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