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 Like, I want to freshen up my whole house and my diet, and my life. ha!! 

Coming at ya with a little Laundry room organizing and decorating inspo today! First of all, I can't tell you how amazing it is to have this space finished for the most part. 
Our laundry room is a small closet like space/room in our upstairs hallway. I remember when we bought this house and were designing the layout for the upstairs that I was really set on having my laundry room upstairs and not in the basement. It's so nice not having to carry laundry baskets up and down steps 24/7! 

However, for years, the laundry room sat unfinished and it really tore at my heart strings a little bit and spiked my anxiety walking in there.Walls were half painted, half not, ceilings weren't all the way drywalled, there was no decor, or sense or organization and I just HATED doing the laundry in there. For lots of people having a pretty laundry room doesn't make a ton of sense but when you're a Mom and it's basically where you spend ALL your time, you know how beneficial it can be to have a pretty space to do laundry. 

I still want to do a few things in here, eventually get a new washer and dryer, ( the dents in the door? yeah, those are from me getting mad and kicking the dang thing because it wouldn't turn on.. ) and install a countertop of some kind over top the washer and dryer units, but for now, we just diy'ed some shelves, painted, put in new flooring and threw up some wallpaper, which I think makes a huge statement on a budget! Baby steps, ya know? Living in a fixer upper is NO JOKE. And it's not for the faint of heart, that's fo sho!!!

but here we are!!!

After we painted, put up the wallpaper and DIY'ed the shelves, I hit up the good ole' 
Wal-Mart for some fresh decor, and organizing things to start the new year on the right foot! I've been loving Wal-Mart and their fun decor selections lately, and well, they have some pretty cute clothes too! It's always one of my go to's because they have a great selection of baskets, bins, jars, and containers for organizing and for affordable prices! 

When organizing the Laundry room, I know things being functional is most important. So I got some clear jars with lids, similar to what I have in our bathroom, to store our dryer balls, scent pods and laundry detergent in! I think the jars are pretty and have a spa like vibe to them, they're super great for organizing when you want to SEE what you're using but also want things to look tidy and put together! 

I also grabbed some faux plants, for a STEAL, and some funky and fun baskets to decorate with and use. And since laundry and linens kind of go hand in hand, I snagged some new towels too, cause, why not? 

When organizing your Laundry Rooms, I want you to keep these things in mind, similar to when we've organized other spaces, I work in these steps, sometimes it results in us renovating a space, adding new wallpaper etc, but most of the time I try to just ORGANIZE and worry less about looks and more about functionality. 

SO I typically follow these steps: 

 I get rid of everything I don't recognize or know what it's for. I'm pretty ruthless with this, I figure if we haven't used it since I cleaned house last time we probably won't so I just ditch it. In the laundry room, now is a good time, or either organize socks and put like with like, or get rid of any that don't have a match. 

2. REMOVE EVERYTHING. (and I mean everything!)-
I take everything off the shelves, cabinets, etc, and then I sort like with like, in the laundry room, this typically means, stain removers go with other stain removers, laundry detergent with other laundry detergent, etc. while sorting. I also remove any any all decor, and discard unused or half used products. 

(or put everything back in it's place sorting like with like, like talked about in step 2.) If you want to jazz up your space, faux plants are great for laundry rooms, or you could DIY some shelves (like we did here) after placing like products with like products now is when I like to shop for organizing things that I might benefit from having. 

tip: I NEVER EVER PURCHASE organizing supplies unless I know exactly what I'm using them for or until AFTER a space is purged or organized. lots of times I need less than what I think! For the laundry room, I suggest things like a dirty clothes hamper, a basket for toting clothes into their appropriate rooms, a basket for stray socks (I try to keep ours sorted but it doesn't always work and I play catch up on Sunday usually.) I also like to ditch any store bought containers and place detergent in etc in clear jars. I also transfer stain removers, etc, to glass bottles and keep over flow of products in a discreet basket. 

If you like pretty and functional spaces here are some tips for ya!

Keep sprays and treatments in glass spray bottles, like this one!

I'm not sure why but labels bother me. I know, it's a weird pet peeve of mine. So glass bottles it is! Or baskets. I also really like baskets.

I also like to store our detergent pods, dryer balls and scent pods in these glass jars with lids. I just think it's cool having things be functional AND pretty all at once.

AND THAT'S IT. You're done! Organizing doesn't have to be overwhelming, it should inspire you, not stress you out, don't overthink it, follow the 4 easy steps above, tackle one project at a time at your OWN PACE, and you're on your way to living a more organized, functional LIFE!!! :) also, don't forget to hit up the wal-mart when you're ready to buy your organizing goodies or just snag some new fresh, affordable decor! 

Linking up what I used in our laundry room below for you to easily shop! 

What do you guys think of our little makeover? SO EXCITED to hear from you guys about this! Have a great rest of your week!! XOXO

Have a great week babes! Happy Organizing!! 


Hey babes! This post has been a long time comin' and highly requested! These faux leather Spanx were a top seller this Black Friday and actually one of my top sellers of the entire year. I absolutely LOVE them and how versatile they are! They dress up even the most casual outfit and are super comfortable and flattering. I wear mine at least once or twice a week! 

I know a lot of you have purchased them recently so I wanted to share a few ways you can style them! They can easily be dressed up or down and I'm going to show ya'll how below! 

With these leggings, to keep things simple and basic my most favorite outfit formula is the, leggings, tee, topper combo. This is one of the more casual ways to wear them but it always seems to work. A cute tee, a fun vest or jacket, and you got yourself a bajillion different outfits to wear ANY time! 

Here are my exact spanx, I wear a MEDIUM! These run small so I would go up a size! 
Also linking an almost identical dupe here.


Here, I paired one of my favorite basic tees with a denim jacket, same tee, with a plaid flannel or button down, and the same tee with a cardigan, booties and a hat for a dressier look! SO DANG easy to put together so many cute outfits with these leggings! 

So, here are the 10 different outfits I styled with these leggings to share with you babes today! 

1. BLACK & BROWN// I freaking love black and brown together, this sweater is so cute, super affordable from Old Navy and I love the side slits! Paired with a cute scarf and some knee high booties this is the perfect outfit for date night! These over the knee boots are my FAVORITE! a little pricey but worth it if you can snag them on sale. 

2.// MOTO JACKET & COZY TEE// I just really like faux leather:) 

3. TUNIC SWEATERS //A tunic sweater and some booties give them more of a dressier vibe.

4. DENIM JACKET & VANS // Probably my favorite combo ever! Can you really go wrong with a denim jacket and vans?

5. TEE & VEST COMBO // a SUPER casual look to keep you warm and cozy on cooler winter days! I love these super inexpensive vests from Old Navy! I have a few colors and love them all! These are my FAVORITE winter boots, linking a IDENTICAL DUPE here!

6.BUTTON DOWN & VEST// I love the look of chambray tops with ANYTHING but this one is my favorite. These slip on sneakers are super comfortable and the have foam in the soles so they're really great to wear all day! 

7.OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT // These oversized sweatshirts are AMAZING! My most favorite and I own SEVERAL colors! I get an XXS in these because they're way oversized! 

8.STRIPES & FLANNEL // Can you really go wrong? Converse linked here!

9. CARDIGANS & HATS // I love love love a good hat and cardigan! Paired with these leggings I love them even more! 
10. BEANIES // I love mixing patterns and stripes and flannel are so cute together, don't you think!? Linking these exact boots here!

Linking up everything here for ya'll!! Hope you enjoyed! Drop a comment if you'd like more posts like this in the future! It was fun! Love you guys! 

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How To Decorate a Teen Boys Room on a Budget!

Hey babes! Can't believe it's almost August already. I am SO SAD. I know so many of ya'll are ready for Fall but I just ain't into it at all yet. Maybe it's the fact that it felt like Summer took SOOOOOOO long to get here. But I'm just not ready to give up my baby just yet. Savanna starts kindergarten this year and I am just all sort of bent out of shape over it. Nick Jr. will be a junior in high school and it's even crazier to think that he'll be graduating so soon. I'M. NOT. READY. 

Speaking of Nick Jr. though, can I just freaking mention how hard it is to decorate a teen boys room these days? They are truly the pickiest human beings I've ever met in my entire life. And I think TEEN BOYS are even worse, because they don't want anything too "childlike" or girly in their spaces. Which I totally get but still.. I need SOMETHING to work with. 

Most of you know we recently gutted our entire upstairs (living in a fixer upper, structure issues, etc..) and it was striped down to nothing. It's been an interesting experience living with to say the least, but we're making the best of it, and I'm kind of enjoying it and not feeling so rushed to get a space decorated. Nick's room was probably the worst of all the bedrooms in the house and he was so excited to have a new space. 

His only request? He wanted an L shaped corner desk. 

During the selection of things for his room, shelving, color scheme, tones, bedding etc, I was 99.9% sure I was going to kill him. True Story. This kid had me SO STRESSED OUT, but eventually we came together and agreed on a few things, like a neutral color scheme that could continue to grow with him, wood tones and nice sturdy furniture he could take with him one day if he choose to do so. During the progress I found myself turning to {walmart} a LOT to find things like shelving, affordable high quality bedding, decor, shelving and more. 

I've been crazy obsessed with Wal-Mart lately and their huge selection of affordable home decor. You can't beat the prices and the brand is great for ANY and every budget! For real! If you're on the hunt to find some pieces to update a space, bedroom, game room, bathroom, playroom, Wal-Mart is the place to go! 

So without further ado, here are my top tips for decorating a boys room on a budget!

1. Select neutral furniture and accent pieces!

These things will grow with your child and can fit any decor scheme. I picked a neutral gray for his room and love that it matches any decor or color scheme. I like keeping the pieces I spend more money on super neutral so they don't have to be switched out every single time my style changes.

2. Don't be afraid to pattern play!-

For Nick's bed I picked this super comfortable and soft comforter set from Wal-MartI love that it's reversible and can be switched around for a completely different look. The horizontal stripes and vertical stripes on the comforter and the duvet cover keep the look fun and playful without being too immature or childlike and still feels grown up in it's own right. 

3. Add Texture-

You can do this with a fun throw blanket with tassels, or possibly even a fun pop of color like mustard with gray and navy. I added some texture and warmth with these throw pillows from Wal-Mart that are insanely well made! The leather texture on the pillow is so soft and gorgeous and it can work in so many different spaces. NOT just this room! I love versatile pieces like that because I can shop my home anytime! Another way to add texture is with {window blinds} and/or wood tones like a small end table, desk or shelving unit. 

4. Create a work/play space-

Back when Nick was little we used his closet space as sort of a mini- playroom and kept his dresser where the desk is now. But he wanted his dresser in his closer (makes sense) and his desk in his actual room now. So we opted for this corner L-Desk to save space. I love the wood look of this one and think it adds some warmth to the space. This is where he plays fortnight and also leaves his 20 cups and Taki chip bags. Even though he has a trash can right next to this desk. But that's another post for another day. 

5. Removeable Wall-Paper-

We haven't had a chance to instal his accent wall just yet but are working on it! I got this wallpaper from Wal-Mart and plan on adding it behind his bed for some more visual interest. 

6. Industrial Shelving-

I still remember when industrial shelves were just becoming a thing and Nick and I had to DIY them, these days you can buy them everywhere, but Wal-Mart seriously has a great selection of shelving! Boys shelving and decor can be tricky, so I just let him have fun with this one, its sold out but I'll link similar! General idea is the same. Everything in his room now has a purpose. 

7. Add Greenery-

I've always been big on "bringing a room to life" but opted for faux plants instead of real. Not sure why. These days I opt for real more than faux and I gave Nick his very own baby to take care of. He's been watering it once a week like he should so, so far so good. Wal-Mart has some ah freaking MAYZING faux plants right now though I'll link as well. 

So that's it ya'll! 7 Easy ways to decorate a boys room on a budget! I hope it was even just the tiniest bit helpful! I also hope that it helps you not stress as much as I did over this space. Also- is it 5 yet? Mama needs some "juice"... 

Linked my Wal-Mart picks for ya'll below!!!

{Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by THE FREAKING WAL-MART you guys, how cool is that? As always, all opinions and thoughts are MY OWN. I never share anything I don't fully support, back or wouldn't buy myself. Post also contains affiliate links which means I may or may not get a small percentage of the sale if you make a purchase. I can't tell ya'll how much it means to me to have you all here! Thank you so much for the continued love and support always! YOU GUYS ARE A BLESSING!} 

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Hey hey! I'm so excited but also kinda sad, excited because my favorite holiday is coming up, 4th of July, but also a little sad because I can't believe it's approaching so quickly! I wanted to share a few fun drink recipes, and decor ideas this week to get myself and everyone else prepared to celebrate! 

I shared this recipe over on my Instagram earlier and figured I'd post it here too so ya'll had something to reference. Sidenote: I'm the messiest cook ever, and there was lots of trial and error happening while I made this. 

This dip is suppppper easy and you've probably already heard of it, but adding some candied sprinkles to it can make it feel super patriotic and bump up this classic recipe a notch for your guests! This is also something super easy you can make to take camping, out on the boat, or to the beach. I'm also not a fan of baking really in general so I like making cute and easy things that don't take me forever. This is always a hit! 

BAG OF MARSHMALLOWS (I used JUMBO sized but you can use any size you want.)
1 6 PACK bag of Hershey Chocolate Bars
Butter or Crisco
Colored Sprinkles (I used red & blue)
baking pan of your choice
parchment paper 
toothpicks or skewer stick
paper towel

Step 1- Preheat Oven to 450 degrees

Step 2- Line a cookie sheet or baking pan with parchment paper, fill a bowl with water (enough to dunk a marshmallow in.)

Step 3. Skewer a single marshmallow on your toothpick or skewer stick, dip in water, blot on paper towel, and over a bowl, sprinkle red sprinkles all over marshmallow until it's completely covered. I used 6 blue and 11 red marshmallows. Repeat this step with blue sprinkles until you have enough marshmallows. It helps to lay out your "flag" before starting the sprinkle process, I used 11 red, and 11 white marshmallows alternating between the two. 

Step 4.  Let marshmallows stand for about 10-15 minutes until dry. While they're drying, Prepare your baking sheet with crisco or butter. bottom and sides of pan should be completely covered. 

Step 5. Layer chocolate bars along bottom of the pan, I sometimes break them up to fill in empty spaces. You can get creative here and use different things like nutella if you choose!

Step 6. Create your "flag" by alternating red, white and blue marshmallows over to top the chocolate bars and bake for 7-10 minutes until white marshmallows are browned just a bit. 


It's seriously so easy and perfect to throw together for any event! It's always a hit! 

I ended up pulling mine out of the oven too soon and messed up the top corner of the blue marshmallow, so learn from my mistakes and wait for the marshmallows to cool in the oven before removing!!

TIP: Smores dip is best served warm, so if you want to prepare ahead, I'd do steps 1-5 and wait until company arrives to "bake" it! 

So that's it babes! Super easy! if ya'll make it be sure to send me a message or drop a comment for me below! Let's be friends on Instagram too! I hope ya'll hang out for all the fun patriotic content this week! <3 

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