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Friday Favs (All the SPRING Vibes)

Oh Friday, I kinda love you. It's been sort of a hectic week jumping back into routine after Jamaica. I feel like I'm on Island time for a solid month after a trip like that. Good for peace of mind, not so much my motivation? HA! However, I'm glad it's Friday! One plus to the week has definitely been the time change. For some reason I just feel like I have more time in the day to get ish done. Ya know? 

Anyway, I do have some goodies to share this week that I've been lovin' up on lately! Also, I've been doing lots of Spring shopping & cleaning here at the Scardina Casa and for my closet! Can't wait to share with you over the next week or so. Let's get started with the good stuff.

I'm lovin' these comfy pink slippers I snagged, they remind me of The Golden Girls but in a good way ya know because pfffft. Who doesn't wanna be a dang Golden GIRL!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about- of course we probably can't be friends because I'm pretty sure Dorothy is my spirit animal. Share and comment on this post if you agree. Just kidding. You don't really have to share & comment. ;) But I mean, you tooooootally can if you want! 

I also got TONS of questions about my faux tan in Jamaica- I shared that I used this Tarte Self Tanner & it is BOMB! 

You can even layer it for a darker look which I LOVE especially on vacay, ya know what I'm sayin? Nobody should be subjected to THESE pale pasty legs. Some tips for using this self tanner? Make sure you EXFOLIATE!! I absolutely LOVE this one because it smells like the beach, also, I moisturize after! I find that the tan sets better that way but that's just my personal experience. 

Moving on to other things- I blogged about my favorite Essential oils earlier this week in case you missed it. NO I DO NOT SELL THEM. I buy them because I love them and as you know, I love to share stuff I love with you guys. Because I do rely so much on my IG friends to fill me in on all the good stuff. If any of you have tried these or use these already I would LOVE to hear about your experience with them!

I shared the cutest straw bag with you guys in stories and I found a great dupe (UM, UNDER $40!!!!) for the one I shared because it's pretty pricey. No sugar coating it, ya know? If you want the real deal you can find it below. But the dupe is HONESTLY just as cute! Why AM I YELLING? I don't know. I like to use lots of exclamation points to get my excitement across to you guys when I'm writing. 

ALSO- I HAD to fill ya'll in on some KILLER sales going on this weekend- because I feel like we're friends, and that's what friend's do..ya know? SPREAD THE LOVE! Okay, I really need to tone it down, that coffee this morning has me all sorts of hyped up. First thing I HAVE to fill you guys in on is my bedding. It's on sale for 20% off and worth EVERY. SINGLE. CENT. 
{Drop cloth curtains pictured are on my Amazon shop page!) 

After YEARS of searching for a duplicate I wasted so much money when I just should have purchased this beautiful quilt to begin with! It's so soft, heavy, & warm. Plus I mean, it totally makes a statement in the room. Don't you think?

{snag it for 20% off here}

Lots of my other favorite goodies on sale like my favorite candle for SPRING! and some other goodies listed below like my favorite milk glass measuring cups! So cute on your kitchen counter for some farmhouse/vintage flair. 

And last but not least. I got so many questions about this TEE I wore for my travel day outfit last week. 

Can I have a travel day EVERY WEEK? Just kidding. That would be kind of stressful. Unless I had an assistant. Then I would be okay. A life assistant. That's what I need. Anywho, it's only $15! I have it in ALL the colors because it's so soft & comfy! Keep in mind that it's a little short so I sized up based on that. Otherwise it's absolutely perfect. 

Shop everything featured in today's Friday fav's below! 

As always- you can shop my Favorite Amazon Finds on my Amazon Shop Page weekly! 

What are your weekend plans? Anyone doing anything fun for St. Patrick's Day? I can't believe it's that time already but I feel like even with the super cold temps here in the Northeast Spring is coming my friends! IT'S COMING! 

Happy weekend! 


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Getting Started with Essential Oils

If you're anything like I was a few months ago, oils confuse the you know WHAT out of you. I mean, at least they did me. I guess just because I knew so little about them. I had always had some friends reach out to me pitching their miracle oils, I was always hesitant to try because I just couldn't understand the benefit. Or the price. 

I know all Essential oil's are different and I'm not hating on any one company or brand, I'm just trying to be honest when I say, it's pretty confusing starting out. 

I had always loved the idea of oils. But could never quite understand how to use them or what the benefits of using them in place of candles was exactly. I had read comments about how people used them to aid in their anxiety, help their kids sleep better, and to avoid getting sick. I'm admitting to ya'll right now that I'm still learning about that part. 
I started using oils about 2 months ago. I've been pretty much hooked since. Everyday I learn something new about them, and about the benefits. Everyday I find new ways to use them to help with the day to day "issues". I rub lavender on Savanna's heels before bed and she always sleeps so peacefully. She is normally pretty restless so it's been a lifesaver for us. I also use it when I'm feeling a little stressed and just need to chill for a minute. Just taking 5 quick seconds to rub some on my inner wrists and breathe is enough to help me chill out for a second. If you're a Mom, you know those 5 seconds are rare sooo, it's a pretty big deal to me, ha!

I've also found Peppermint oil to me amazing at aiding in my endometriosis pain when I'm having a flare. Just rubbing a little bit on sore muscles after a workout works amazingly well too. Who knew?! 

I stumbled upon Eden's Garden a few months ago, I honestly loved the diffuser and thought I'd give oil's a try. We have already been attempting to be a "healthier" household, when it comes to eating, cleaning supplies, etc. so oil's just sort of made sense.  I started with the basic {starter} pack and diffused Aroma Fresh like it was my job. I was impressed with the strong scent, & how it made my whole house feel super clean & fresh. I'm a big scent person. Because I feel like if it smells clean, it IS clean, even if it's not. ;) (don't judge me, okay!)

I quickly became obsessed and started mixing together more "blends" for different things. 

Today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite blends with you guys to try, I hope this is especially helpful to you just starting out! 

1. Beat The Sniffles-
My sinuses are forever acting up this time of year. It's such a bummer because it's the one thing about Spring that I hate. ALLERGIES. I love diffusing this blend because it truly helps "clear me up" plus it smells super great. 

3 drops of Lavender 
3 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Rosemary

2. When I miss the beach-
I call this the "mermaid" blend because it reminds me of the sea. & because of the pretty colors of the oil bottles. Am I weird? Is it weird that I notice that? Don't say I'm weird. 

4 drops of Lavender 
4 drops of Lime 
2 drops of Spearmint 

You can always adjust the oils to your liking but always try to keep it to a minimum of 10 drops depending on the size of your diffuser. I find much more than that can be a bit overpowering. 

3. Deep Clean-
I've talked about my super secret cleaning "solution" before. Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed to tell ya'll just what it is. I use this as a general cleaning solution that works on pretty much any surface. Lemon is a natural disinfectant so you can use that alone on a damp sponge on countertops and cutting boards. 

20 drops Lemon
20 drops Eucalyptus 
1 oz white vinegar 

Mix in a 2 oz bottle (or bigger if you'd prefer just adjust the oils and vinegar to size.) Solution can be used pretty much anywhere, including bathrooms. 

4. To cure nausea-
I have really bad vertigo and it's always super gross when I fly and travel. It's so bad for my sometimes I get sick just driving in the car. I discovered this "trick" and I used it recently on our recent flight to Jamaica when we hit some turbulence. Just soak some lavender & peppermint oils in a cotton pad and take it with you in a plastic baggie when you travel. Or keep them in your purse in case you start to feel queasy when you're out somewhere. 

2 drops Lavender 
2 drops Eucalyptus 
Soak in two cotton balls

You can place them behind your ears or simple just inhale the scent from a plastic baggie. It instantly helps with any nausea. 

5. When you want a clean smelling house-
You ever have those days when you don't want to clean but you don't want anyone to know you sat in your yoga pants watching murder documentaries all day? No? Just me?

Okay then. 

Either way this combination is amazing to diffuse when you want to encourage yourself to clean! I love diffusing this when the windows are up, music is blasting and I have my cleaning tee on. It smells so clean and fresh and instantly boosts my mood! 

4 drops Lemon
4 drops Lavender 
2 drops Eucalyptus 
1 drop Peppermint

I'm still discovering oils and learning as I go, but I find a great place to start is with the Eden's Garden basics kit which includes all the oils you need to get started exploring! 

I can't wait to continue sharing all of my tips & tricks with you! Be sure to check out Instagram stories to keep up with all my cleaning tips & tricks! I usually share something "new" each week and I love when we can clean together! As always, I love to hear from you guys! Drop a comment below for me or send me a message on Instagram! 


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How to SAVE & Plan for a tropical getaway!

{disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. thank you so much for making this little blog of mine possible! I couldn't do it without you!} 

Hey babes! I wanted to write up this post while Jamaica is still fresh in my mind. We've been to Jamaica 5 times and it never disappoints, there's something special about Jamaica, it's people and the lush and beautiful tropical island vibes. You can read more about our travels to Jamaica here in this post

One of the things I got asked the most during our recent visit was How do we budget & plan to travel so much, so often. I personally don't feel like we travel that much, not as much as I would like to honestly, and Nick is actually terrified to fly so I'm slowly getting him worked up to venturing to Greece and Italy one day soon. It's on the books for our 10 year anniversary after we take Little Nick to Canada as his graduation gift. (Yes Canada of all places is where he wants to go!) Mind you the kid has been to every tropical destination imaginable except Hawaii. 

Let me preface by saying our goal as young teen parents was always to work as hard as we could in our late teens, early 20's, so that when we hit 30, we'd be able to start traveling and seeing the world. I didn't get to travel as a kid but I had always dreamed about tropical destinations and dreamy cities full of history. Like every goal we set for ourselves, we knew we had to have a plan to make this a reality for us. I'm not saying these "Tips" that I have for traveling and planning your own trips are universal and will work for everyone. I know money is tight for a lot of families, I know what it's like to struggle to put food on the table every week and I know what it's like to have "just enough" to get by. But as a young teen parent growing up I knew I wanted more for myself. Nothing crazy, or extravagant, but just a simple life where we didn't have to struggle about paying electric bills and buying food, like I did so much of as a child. I wanted my kids to worry about being kids instead of dealing with adult stresses and struggles.

Okay so, enough rambling as Nick always says I do way too much, I can't help it, I'm a rambler! I'm going to keep this short & simple. Well, simple for me anyway. 

First off we stayed at the Sandals resort in Negril, Jamacia we alternate usually between Negril and Montego Bay but Sandals has several gorgeous resorts located in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. 

We've been to several other all inclusive resorts and several islands scattered throughout the Caribbean and for us, nothing compares to Sandals. All of their resorts are beautiful and for the most part small and compact. Despite that, they never feel "crowded", I seriously don't think we've waited in a line for anything, ever on any of our Sandals trips. Nothing compares to the service for us. From the time you land in Jamaica until the time you land back home, it's truly, no worries mon'. It's a very special experience that nothing has ever compared to for us. 

So you can be sippin' a red stripe on the beach mon'

I always book my trips myself, and usually direct through the resort website. Often you'll get an "internet" discount that you can't get by calling and booking. Sometimes when booking 7 or more nights, you'll get resort credits that can be used at the spa, or free tours like a catamaran cruise. We always book our vacations at least 6 months to 1 year in advance. So, for instance, I'm paying on a trip now for next March, and our trips for THIS YEAR are paid for already. Sandals requires you to put a $400 deposit on most bookings, however, sometimes, like RIGHT NOW, they're running a special and you can book your vacation for just $49 per person. This is great because it allows you to secure your trip but also, determine a "payment" plan of sorts for yourself. I divide up the cost of the trip into the remaining months I have to pay on it. So for instance, if I know I have to have a trip paid off by February 2019, that cost $3,500 I know that I need to put back $292 a month to have the trip paid for in time. I pay this payment like a bill each month. I make it a priority for us because IT IS a priority for US. I know every family is different. Even if we're having a month where money is super tight, I figure out how I can cut corners and save some money to get that "bill" paid each month. If it means no Starbucks, clipping coupons to save at the grocery store, I do it. Making your "Travel" a priority, will force you to treat it as such. 

Set a realistic budget for yourself, honestly, at all of the Sandals resorts we've been too, I didn't notice any "bad rooms" most of the Sandals resorts, like Negril where we stayed most of the resorts have been completely refurbished and updated. Also, since the resort itself its fairly small and compact, you'll always have a nice view, not always of the Ocean, but the grounds are beautifully landscaped and extra "tropical" We've been in the best rooms at the resort before and also at the lowest one, and while they are obviously different, they were both really fabulous. I set up a budget for our trips by figuring out what I want to gain from my vacation, If I know I'm planning a more laid back vacation, relaxing, I'll book a higher category room for less nights, because I'm a room person, I spend more time in my room, and on my balcony then most people do, so I know that I'd appreciate a nicer room, and sometimes we can only afford the nicer room and not more nights. If I'm going to have fun and go out and enjoy all of the entertainment and games the resort offers, a basic ocean view room will do me just fine. Most of those times, I'm able to afford an extra night or two because of the room cost.

BUT especially if it's your first time traveling. We love the all inclusive experience because we don't stress about money while we're vacationing. The restaurants are top notch and there is always a nice blend of foods, Negril for instance has a basic beach bistro that serves chili dogs, and cheeseburgers, and also a yummy pizza place that makes fresh pizza. Our favorite at Sandals Negril is Kimono's which is a Japanese steakhouse, we love it because the food is so good but you can't beat the fun experience! It's also nice to be able to just walk up to the bar and order whatever you want. (They will literally make you whatever you want!) Plus most rooms include a mini-bar and fully stocked fridge with sodas and waters. Sandals is super nice because all of the water sports are included at no extra cost- like kayaking, sailing and snorkeling. 


We always fly Southwest. Just because we like to earn points and because Nick is comfortable flying with them, Southwest isn't always the cheapest though. Do your research. Use a website like {kayak.com} to help you find the best flights at the best prices. In my experience, airfare is the absolute cheapest on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and primarily 60 days out from your trip. Remember if you do book via Southwest, you'll be reimbursed for any price decreases in your airfare. I've seen airfare fluctuate so this is a really great way to possibly save some money after booking your trip. 


As I mentioned before, I plan most of our trips at least a year in advance. Why? Well, number 1 it gives me time to save more money. and number 2, you'll lock in this years rates before a possible price increase. Booking in advance allows me to get almost everything at a discounted rate- airfare is usually cheap 180 days out from your travel date and then reaches its bottom out price 60 days prior, however if the flight is in high demand they could potentially increase the flight. I know, so stupid. Also, booking in advance and getting your room requests in EARLY will allow you to most likely get the exact room you've been wanting. 

Tip #6- JUST DO IT-
Okay ya'll- get your mind out of the gutter. ;) I mean, JUST PLAN IT. I was seriously so nervous about traveling 5 years ago, we had been to Florida but that was pretty much the extent of it. I was scared about going to another country, scared about leaving my babies, and just overall super anxious about my trip. I had never left Savanna overnight before and she was just a year old at the time. We booked 3 years in a row before I finally said- OKAY. LET'S JUST GO. and I haven't looked back since. After that first trip, I realized more than ever that I needed that time with my husband. I needed that time WITH MYSELF. I have been a Mom for almost 15 beautiful years and I absolutely love it and there is nothing I would change but you guys, us Mom's work hard. And we're so mentally exhausted all the time, it's so nice to get away and just BE YOU, for a few days. It keeps us learning, and keeps us fresh. These days, I don't worry so much about the details or the money, I find that booking it forces you to figure out ways to MAKE IT WORK. I'm warning you though, once you catch the travel bug and fall in love with new people and places, it's really hard to ground yourself again, and you'll be counting down the days until you return to paradise.

Want even more information about booking your own trip to paradise?  CLICK HERE! Currently Sandals is offering the following discounts-

Up to $1,000 booking credit 
One FREE night in select room catagorie's
Up to 65% off rack rates at select resorts
PLUS $100 resort photo shop credit at select resorts

Book online and get an extra $25 off.

You can also book at Beaches which is Sandals FAMILY resort by clicking here..

Shew! I know, so much information to take in, I am not a travel agent by the way. I just speak from experience! Send me a message or leave a comment below if you have a question that wasn't answered in my post! Can't wait to hear from you guys!!

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5 Things you NEED for Summer & Your Vacation NOW!

Ahh, you guys, can you feel it? even though it's super rainy, cloudy, cold and dreary here in Maryland I can FEEL Spring in the air, my hostas have already started to break ground and things are in full SPRING CLEANING MODE around here. I'm SO crazy excited for Spring, Summer & all of the fun things that come with it! Cute clothes being one of them. Our recent trip got me dreaming about long sunny summer days, cute low key summer outfits, Spring trips and mini getaways to the beach! It also got me thinking about how mama has to get back in shape after eating way to many chicken nuggets this winter & downing dirty bananas for the past week like it's my job. But that post is for another day! 

I wanted to share a quick post with 5 staple things I bought this (almost) Spring to incorporate into my wardrobe this season to prepare for all the fun we're about to have! 

1. A cute Summer-y (is that a word?) hand bag-
I got SO many compliments on this cutie during our trip to Jamaica (which I'll be blogging about tomorrow!) It's the perfect size, so cute and I can tell It's going to be my go to bag this Spring/Summer. Perfect for travel too! Mine is from Clarie V but this one is almost identical and under $40!! I have a feeling it will sell out;) 
I've never met a colored wall I didn't like. PS. this cover up was from the resort gift shop.

 2. A cute & casual dress that can be dressed up or down!
I absolutely LOVE packing and wearing dresses when the weather allows, I do struggle finding cute ones though that aren't too long or too form fitting, for casual days. I picked this t-shirt dress up from Target  and I love it, it's a tiny bit long but I tie up the corner and it's good to go! Pair it with a cute Fedora and it's serious summer casual vibes. I also love this universally flattering, super soft ruched body dress I love it so much in fact, I snagged it in 3 colors because it always seems to sell out. I feel like this is the perfect "travel" day dress, paired with a cute denim jacket, baseball hat and converse. 

3. A comfy denim jacket-
EVERYONE, needs a cozy comfy denim jacket for Spring/Summer. Actually, all year round. I wear mine way more than I'd like to admit, especially when we hit that weird time of year when the weather shifts. It's cute dressed up with blank denim and nude heels or dressed down in a cozy comfy t-shirt dress. this one is a steal for under $30. I sized down for a tighter fit across my shoulders! 

4. A flattering bikini-

I have a terrible time finding one pieces that don't make me feel, well, frumpy? At the same time I love the classic look of them. I snagged this one for under $30 in olive but it comes in 3 colors and is in my opinion universally flattering with the lace up back, you can tighten for as much or little lift as you like. I also feel like my boobs are supported a bit in this one. I also tagged another suit I have (the black and white one!) listed here below which is another great alternative to a bikini, with the cutout stomach area it's flattering for everyone who's still rockin' those sexy mama curves. 

5. A cute cover up & hat-
If you're anything like me, I pretty much live in suits and cover up's over the Summer, We're beach people and go as often as we can, we live about 2 1/2 hours away from our local beach so we're there a ton in the Summer. Which means I have my share of cover up's. This lace fringe kimono is super cute! You probably wouldn't believe where I got it or for the price I paid! Under $25! Snag this cutie up before it sells out! Also, I love this fedora , because it's more rounded than most, it's a cute basic fit and can be paired with a cute summer dress or your adorable bikini! 

I got so many questions about outfits and goodies featured in my Instagram stories this past week from our most recent trip, I put together this page and "mini boutique" of sorts for you to easily shop & scroll my favorites for upcoming beach trips, tropical getaways, and pool days! I wanted to do this post for you guys before I share some packing tips & tricks so you have an idea of what to buy to prepare! Shopping for Summer and vacation is so fun, isn't it? As always, shoot me a message or comment with questions about fit and sizing! I'll fill you in on the dets! XOXO

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