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Hey babes! I seriously can't believe this week is Thanksgiving already! I feel like I say that every year but this year it feels like it came extra fast I literally feel like it was just July! 

So the time is upon us! Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, decorating, baking, and doing all the fun Christmas things! I honestly love this time of year! However there are a select few people in my life who are extra hard to buy gifts for! One being my teenager and the other being Nick. Men in general just hard to buy for because I feel like they just buy things when they want them. However, I wanted to put together a post for you guys with a few different gift ideas for the men in your life. Most of these would work for dads and father-in-law's also! Lots of them are basics, for instance I buy Nick a new wallet, work boots, and pajamas every year. Last year I didn't buy him a wallet and I didn't buy him pajamas and he's like "where are my pajamas and where's my wallet!?"

So this year, he'll get those basics along with one or two things I've heard him not so subtly hint at about wanting, like a sound bar, that is on major sale this weekend, along with basically everything that I shared in this guide! Y'all know I love a good deal;) especially this time of year! 

So let's get stated and I promise not to ramble a ton, well, I mean I'll try. You know how that goes. Sorry, it's just who I am as a person. HA! 

1.// Let's start with slippers, who doesn't love them?! these slippers have excellent reviews, and I love that they come in Black! They're a little pricey but I feel like they're a great investment and when make an awesome gift because dude like to be comfy too!

2.// Pajamas! Who doesn't love them?! I basically buy Nick the same pair every year just a different color pattern, these are on major sale, super comfy and cozy, and come in 3 color options! Check them out here!
3.// Car wash Set- Nick is truck/jeep obsessed and cleans his vehicles religiously. So this set is a great idea if your hubby or man in your life is into similar things, even better? It's on AMAZON PRIME! Another great gift idea is to buy a gift certificate to a local car detail shop for a car wash/detail! I've done this for Nick before and he's always really excited for it! 

4.//SOUND BAR. Nick has been asking for one forever, so I dove all in to do some research! This one is under $130, has great reviews and is on Amazon! You're probably noticing a trend with the Amazon thing, it's fine. 
5.// Exfoliation Foot Peel- Nick is probably the manliest man ever, if that's a thing. But he's always complaining of his feet bothering him so last year I got him this peel and a foot massager and he was living his best life. TRUST. 
6.// SCREWDRIVER SET- and well, accessories. Year after year these sets are purchased and for good reason! Men just really like screwdrivers. ;) This set is one of the better ones we've purchased over the years, and it's over 50% off! 
7.// CRAFT BEER KIT- I actually think this is a really cool idea! Comes with everything they'll need to make their own beer and even a cool jug/dispenser to drink out of! Ideal for the beer lover in your life! 

8.// WORK BOOTS- regardless of what your hubby or significant other does for a living, a new pair of shoes is always a hit, like I said earlier in this post, Nick has come to expect a new pair of work boots every year. He basically wears them everyday so I always like to invest in a good pair. These are his favorites over all the years!

9.// BEER PONG TABLE- Let's bring bring back the inner frat boy. I thought this was a really fun idea though, because it's small and you can easily pull it out when you have friends over for a quick game of beer pong! 

10.// YETI'S- Not sure what it is but guys love them. Nick uses his everyday but I think the camo print on this one is really fun! 

COLOGNE (Nick loves this one!)
portable phone charger 
a nice pair of sunglasses

I'm also really excited about these date night boxes I discovered! Such an awesome idea! You can purchase a subscription or do a month-to-month box! 

They even have the family box option! 
I will update you guys when we get our first box! In the mean time I wanted to share with you because I really was excited about it! 

SO! There ya have it friends! Hope this helps you when buying gifts for the man in your life! Also feel free to share your gift ideas with me! I love chatting with you! 

Happy Shopping! 

{this post may contain affiliate links but as always all opinions are my own! Thank you guys so much for making this little blog possible. I couldn't do it without you!}

Holiday Gift Guide- All The BEST Cozies Of The Season!

YOU GUYS! Some people are saying it's too early for Christmas and I'm over here like, "HO-HO- HOOOOOOLY ISH I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!" I already feel behind, but it's fine. I'll catch up. I hope. Maybe I'll just drink some wine and online shop for myself instead?

ANYWAY, I know lots of you have started shopping for Christmas gifts already, myself included, and I wanted to put together a few gift guides this season to hopefully help make your shopping a little easier. The first gift guide I wanted to put together is a one for all the amazing woman & girls in your life. Lot's of these gifts make great gifts for teenagers too. I took the time to chat a little with my 15 year old niece about what's on her Christmas list this year and the first thing she said was, "slippers". and I have never been more proud of her than I was in that moment. HAHAHA!  

Let's get started! ALL of these gifts are under $100 by the way, I know budgets can be tight around the Holiday's and I wanted to make sure these guides are budget friendly! 

So I figured the best place to start would be with the coziest gift ever and that's a pair of amazingly soft and cozy slippers! These are my favorite pair for the price and make amazing gifts! I know a few people getting them on my Christmas list this year for sure! 

Can you do cozy without a super cuddly throw blanket? I think NOT! This one is on my wish list this season but here is a super budget friendly option that would make the most amazing gift!

I feel like this is honestly the best gift, like if someone gave me this robe I would die of happiness! It's a great universal gift too because who doesn't love or want a nice cozy robe? Perfect gift for Mom's and MIL'S! Snag it here, and I will update with any sales!

EVERY SINGLE YEAR I tell people to buy me candles, I know it sounds like a super boring gift but to me it's the best ever, like, GIVE ME ALL THE CANDLES PLEASE. Plus I feel like everyone loves candles. I have these on my wish list year. 

You can't go wrong with a warm cozy scarf and these are totally the coziest and softest scarves around. Also, just realized this is becoming more of a "What's on Laurie's Christmas Wish List post" and less of a universal gift guide. OOPS. 

I have a neck wrap that I use WAY more than I thought I would that I got as a gift last year and can't believe how much I actually LOVE it and USE it. I know of so many woman that can and will appreciate getting this as a gift! I know 110% that I do! You can get a super cute unicorn (I MEAN FREAKING UNICORNS GUYS) one here.

While most of the time you don't think of skincare as cozy, it totally is, because there's nothing more relaxing than putting on a face mask, in your cozy robe and slippers and relaxing. I love this set of masks because it's a great way to try out different ones to see which would be most beneficial for your skin! Now is a great time to stock up on beauty products and gift sets because you can get more value for your money and test out more products from the gift sets. 

You guys this is seriously why I have so much trouble shopping, because I WANT EVERYTHING! BUT. I really do hope this helps jump start some of your holiday shopping and maybe gives you some ideas to create and give special and thoughtful gifts that any woman in your life can appreciate! I'm excited to hear from you guys, drop a comment for me below or come say hey on Instagram! 

The top finds from September!

Hey friends! Happy hump day! I can't believe September is over and a new month is beginning already, I feel like September lasted literally 12 seconds. What's up with that?!

October is one of my favorite months though. I love Halloween and everything that comes with it. It's such a fun month! 

Whenever a new month begins and an old one ends I like to reflect back on my brand content to get a feel about what you guys enjoyed. A lot of times this helps me plan new content for the upcoming months. This also helps me share things that you guys actually want to hear about. It's so important to me to continue to connect with you guys, after all that's why I'm here and that's why I love blogging so much. 

So without further ado I wanted to reflect today on the top purchased items from last month and also share some of my favorites as well! 

10. Y'all really seem to enjoy my try on sessions this month that I share on Instagram, which made me so happy because I really do enjoy doing them with you guys I feel like I'm just trying on clothes with a friend. One of the top purchased clothing items this month was the super cozy and soft fleece jacket that I found at Abercrombie & Fitch. The jacket is so cozy versatile and comes in tuns of color options for reference I got a size small. So I feel like the jacket is definitely true to size, but if you think you'll be wearing top underneath of it I would suggest going up one size.

9. Moving on to home decor, I shared one of my favorite cozy throws for the upcoming cooler months. It's under $20 comes in tons of color options and is so yummy and soft. It's no surprise that's so many of you snagged one. I love that you guys share a throw pillow and throw blanket obsession with me! 

8. Sticking with the home decor trend, a lot of you all snagged one of my favorite tiered trays when I shared them at such a steal. I love this tray so much because it's so versatile and I can decorate it for the seasons. It also feels such an empty space that I have on my Island Bar but can also be used in bathrooms on tables and on Buffets. If you love to decorate for holidays but don't like to go out a tray similar to this one is a great place to start!

7. A few weeks ago I did an Amazon try on session and it was probably my best one to date. Lots of you guys have been wanting to order from Amazon for a while you just worried about quality. So I snagged lots of items in deals to find the best ones for you guys. I really do love these comfy tee's They come in tons of colors and there is still coming in at just 15 bucks. I really love to wear these with bralettes because they are super cute off the shoulder.

6. It will probably come as no surprise to you that my favorite sweater leggings are on this list. I share them a ton of because I really do love them so much! They're so comfy and cozy and I'm all about that life LOL. I got my normal size small in these because I feel they're made a bit big. However I don't feel that they stretch out and no matter how many times you wash them they stay super soft, that's why I snagged them in three colors! 

5. Back to Amazon, I shared this cozy pink pullover sweater and I'm absolutely obsessed. It is so soft, is fleece lined, and perfect for chilly fall days and nights. It comes in several different colors, and I got an extra small for reference in sizing.

4. Okay I think I can conclude that y'all really love Amazon since so many Amazon finds are on this list. It's no secret I love love love Zella leggings. However they can be pricey, so I was really excited to find a more budget-friendly option. The leggings are incredibly similar and made of almost the same fabric. If you're looking for a great pair of black leggings that suck and Tuck these are made for you. And they're just under 23 bucks! And like seemingly everything else on Amazon they come in tons of different colors. I got a medium to be safe, and they fit just fine. However if I ordered another pair I would get a small. Just because they are a little loose around my ankles.

3. It's pretty safe to say y'all just love everything but especially holidays like I do. Last year I shared this amazing Garland I snagged at Walmart for such a steal. By the time I shared it though it was sold out online and in basically every store. So when I saw it was back this year I knew I had to share. So that y'all didn't miss out on the deal. It's so well made for the cost and it's perfect if you have a big space and need more than one Garland strand. If you've been looking definitely snag this one because it will sell out and like me you'll probably be kicking yourself for not getting more. 

2. I snagged this Buffalo check doormat for underneath my rug by my front door. I love the layered rug look right now and well Buffalo check anything. I love buffalo check because I feel like you can use it in Fall decor and Halloween decor and even in Christmas decor if you're crafty enough. So this is literally a purchase that will get you through all the holidays. 

1. And the number one purchased item in September from the Glam Farmhouse readers was........


Yes slippers but I honestly can't say that I'm surprised because like I said I know you all are about that cozy comfy life like me, I got these cozy slippers on Amazon and have literally been wearing them 24/7 since. They're so soft!! And they were perfect as my slipper collection. Yes I said slipper collection. It's getting really all I feel like I have more slippers than I do actual shoes and I think that says a lot about me as a person. LOL I got a medium in these slippers and I normally a size 7 and 1/2 to an 8 in shoe size. I feel like these are the perfect fit. So if you want to feel like you're walking on a cloud definitely snag these!!

So there you have it guys! The top 10 items purchased from y'all in September. It's safe to say we are a lot alike, and we all like our comfies, and our throw blankets! 

Looking forward to a really fun and great October. I have lots of fun things planned for the month and I can't wait to share with you guys. I can't thank you enough for your continued support and kindness. It seriously mean so much to me and I wish I could give you all a big ole hug to THANK YOU!!! 

The Secret to making pumpkins last through the season!

Hey guys! Yesterday on Instagram I shared a few tips for keeping your real pumpkins alive
throughout the Fall season! And by throughout the fall season, I mean at least until the end of Thanksgiving.

 I actually discovered this trick a few years ago and have been doing it for the past 2 years.
My pumpkins always last through the season and I'm always able to feed them to the Sheep when the
season is over because they're still fresh.

I prefer this method to using Vaseline or bleach for that reason.
The Sheep like to eat them and I can't  feed them to them if they're covered in bleach and Vaseline.
So this way I'm able to keep them looking fresh and pretty for a long time and they can still eat them.
It's a win-win!

So there are a few different ways you can keep them alive and looking fresh for a longer amount of time.

Step 1-  as soon as you buy your pumpkins at the store and bring them home,
bring them into your kitchen and put them in the sink.
I always have a good scrub brush on hand and love my scrub brush from Grove collaborative.
I use Mrs. Meyers apple cider dish soap but you can use any dish soap you have on hand.
After you scrub your pumpkins wipe them down with a paper towel until they're dry.
Make sure they're good and dry before you move on to step 2.

Step 2-  now that your pumpkins are for the most part clean, you can do one of two things.
You can soak them in about 1 cup of bleach and water until they're covered for about an hour.  
This will sanitize the pumpkin and kill any bacteria still living on it.
Bleach is a great way to keep your pumpkins alive longer if you won't be eating them we're
feeding them to animals at the end of the season.
I knew I had to find another option.

Drum roll please.......

Olive oil!!!

So I take about 1 teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the size of your pumpkins and
how many you're doing, and a clean cloth and wipe the pumpkins with olive oil
It doesn't matter what kind. Any olive oil will do.
Olive oil acts as a protective barrier and for some reason
I noticed the squirrels don't bother my pumpkins at all when they're covered in olive oil.
I use olive oil for lots of things so it only made sense to try it out on pumpkins to.
Another plus to using olive oil besides just helping them last a little longer,
the olive oil gives them a little extra shine and brings out the beautiful colors!

That’s it you're done!  

See! Who knew it would be so easy to keep your pumpkins alive and help them last a little longer
so you can enjoy them all through October and into November!
If you have any tips or tricks for keeping calm he's alive longer I would love to hear them!
Drop a comment for me below or message me on Instagram I love hearing from you guys!  
if you've tried this method already I'd love to hear what you think about it and if it works for you!

Happy fall ya'll!

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