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AE late Spring Try On & Haul

Hey cuties! Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you guys are having a great week. I'm not really sure why but it's draaaaaaggging for me, I think because Nick and I are supposed to go away this weekend for a friends birthday! Anytime I have something to look forward to, I feel like it takes forever to get here! Ya know what I'm saying? 

Anyway, I did some shopping at American Eagle from the new Spring collection that just dropped and I'm soooooo here for it! I freaking LOVE American Eagle. I know, I know, I'm 31 and that's probably weird but I don't care. They have the coziest and cutest casual clothes, are high quality and I always feel like everything is a reasonable price. 

I'm planning to upload this session to my stories on Instagram but wanted to be sure ya'll got to see it first! I just so appreciate all of you who have made this blog possible for me, I can't put into words how beyond blessed and thankful I am! I just love ya'll so big! 

Let's get started- for reference with sizing, I'm 5'2, 128 pounds (depending on how many tacos and nuggets I've had) and normally a size 4 or 6 in jeans and a S in tops. I always try to list sizing when sharing outfit pics because I know how important that can be to so many of us! 

I picked up this cute gauze top with crochet detailing and I am LOVVVVVVING it so much! It's go the cutest fit, and is perfect for date night and concert season! Would love to see this paired with some denim cut offs and boots for a country concert! I paired it with these cute white denim skinnies that are the BEST white denim pants I've ever put on. NOT SEE through, and have a great fit. 
got a 4 x-short for reference because I knew I'd be pairing them with wedges and heels. I got an XS in the top too. 

Shoes can be found here. and I got a 7.5, which is my normal size! super comfy, and again, can be worn all the ways! 
Here is another outfit option for the white denim, I love love chambray and this top is SO CUTE! The sleeves are adorable and it has a cute oversized fit. This is another versatile piece I feel like, I paired this with black skinnies, and some nude wedges over the weekend for date night! {UPDATE: TOP IS SOLD OUT- FIND SIMILAR HERE}

Straw bag I got from the Shop Bop sale a few weeks ago! I loved my smaller one so much I snagged this one too! 

Something else I snagged that I'm loving way more than I thought I would are these Tomgirl Jeans. I was so iffy about them but think they're really cute! Paired with some heels or flats and a cute fitted top they're adorable! If you want a baggier fit, I suggest getting your normal size, however I wanted them to be a bit more fitted so I got a 4 short, and they fit perfectly! 

Also got this comfy sweatshirt  that I just love! You can get the matching shorts for this sweatshirt too! This one is a bit cropped so that's something to keep in mind, I can still tuck it into shorts though. Speaking of shorts, these are by far my favorite denim shorts! I remember them selling out so quickly last year so I snagged all the colors! Similar to the tomgirl denim, I sized down one size in the shorts! 

So there ya have it! My picks from AE this month! I hope ya'll enjoyed and maybe found something you love too! ;) 

You can shop everything from this post below! I also linked a great pair of Tory Burch Dupe Sandals that are under $40 bucks! 

Thanks so much for the love and support always! I couldn't do this without you and am just so thankful! Hope you babes have the best weekend and can't wait to hear what ya'll are loving from AE lately!! 

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5 of the BEST Water Infusions!

Hey cuties! I hope ya'll had the best weekend! We did a few things around the house outside since it was so nice out on Saturday! We got most of the deck stained and I even ordered some new patio furniture I'm super excited about! I seriously can't wait until it's warm enough for me to be able to be outside again, I miss my plants! ha! 

Anyway, totally off topic. I wanted to pop on today really quick to share with ya'll some of my favorite water infusions! I get asked to share every time I share my {water bottle} because it usually has some blend of fruit and/or spice in it. I honestly really don't mind plain ole' water but sometimes fruit infused water is super beneficial and I love the taste so it's a great way to drink more water if you struggle with that! 

I really love {this water bottle} I purchased on Amazon about a year ago! I don't love that it's plastic but it does the job okay and it's held up awesome. I really like to drink water through a straw and find I drink more of it than when I don't have a water bottle with a straw, anyone else? 

I'm going to share a few of my favorite water infusions in case ya'll are in need of a little push to drink more water during the day! Did you know that the average person should be drinking half their weight in water every single day?! That blew my mind because I was literally drinking half that, but when I increase my water intake I literally feel SO MUCH BETTER! My skin gets clearer, I feel better! 

Infusion #1: 

Pineapple is an anti-inflammatory and has awesome cleansing properties. It also helps maintain healthy bones and teeth! Mint is great for your digestive system and also awesome if you get frequent headaches

This is by far my favorite water infusion EVER! It's so light and refreshing! I like to use frozen fruit whenever I can because it infuses better, but I will occasionally use fresh pineapple and let it infuse overnight! 

Infusion #2: 

{you can also add mint or basil to this one!}

Kiwi is great for your skin, and can also reduce blood pressure! It also has lots of vitamin C, E and K! Strawberries are amazing for lots of things, including eye health! 

TRUUUUUST ME, it's as good as it sounds;) 

Infusion #3:

This is a great detox water and taste super yummy! If you want added Watermelon flavor I suggest mashing a few watermelon cubes in the water. If you're okay with mild flavor, add a few sliced cubes to your water and let sit overnight. I really like using mint on all of my "water infusions" because it's super refreshing to me and also great for cramps! 

Infusion #4:

Love this super fruity blend! Since it's really hard to find frozen oranges, squeezing a little orange juice in the water and then infusing over night will give this maximum flavor! I always like to use frozen blueberries when I can, but fresh will also do just fine. 

Infusion #5: 

Great for water weight management and appetite control, I drink this mix a lot when I know I'll be doing a really tough workout because it aids in hydration! 

You don't have to mix! Sometimes, water is great infused with just ONE thing. You really can't go wrong with cucumber water, lemon water or just plain ole' pineapple water! It's kinda fun mixing together different things, and it keeps me hydrated and motivated to continue drinking water which I sometimes suck at! 

I'll update this post as I continue to find and mix blends that infuse well together! Until then, I hope this helps you get started and that it you give it a try! 

Thanks so much for hanging out! I hope this post helps for those asking and wanting a few fruit infused water ideas! You can get my water bottle {here}. It's under $17 bucks and worth every penny! 

Also linking some of my other favorite kitchen decor below! 


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Pantry Reveal & Spring Updates

Hey babes! I'm so excited to share our pantry reveal with you guys today and talk a little bit about some things we've been doing to update our little casa for Spring! 

The Home Depot is Nick & I's favorite place to shop anytime we're looking to update things around here. They have a really great selection of on-trend products so we can create a home that's just right for us! They literally are a one stop shop for all our home decor needs- I'm especially impressed with their CUTE Spring decor this year, and it's super affordable too! Winning! Seriously, ya'll need to check out their furniture line! I'm drooling over this gorgeous bed! But more on that later, right now I wanna talk about our first project we completed this year! Feeling all sorts of accomplished! 

First, let's take a peek at the before. Fair warning, it's pretty scary. When we first moved in years ago I knew I'd eventually need a pantry, but creating one just never seemed like that much of a priority, mostly because it's not that big a deal and nobody really sees it,  but we've been itching to get some of those "we can do that later" projects finished lately and this was one of them! 

Don't see I didn't warn ya! 

Anyway, she's looking much better these days! 

I have to admit I've been peeping this pattern tile for a minute, I've been wanting to use it so bad but knew it would have to be in a small space because it is SUPER trendy. VOILA! When we decided we needed to update and create a pantry space, I knew just what tile I'd use in here! I choose the black & white ultimately, but the gray is gorgeous also! 

I actually got to knock out two birds with one stone in here because something else I've been dying to try is some wall-paper, specifically this one that looks like shiplap and The Home Depot had a HUGE selection! But I went back and forth between the one that looks like shiplap and the one that looks like brick.. I decided on the shiplap because I figured that would be the one ya'll would most want to see and hear feedback on! Along with plenty of other cute home decor finds. 

It looks SO legit you guys and literally half the cost and hassle of actual shiplap. It will be easier to remove to if and when the time comes, let's face it, I get tired of things pretty quickly.. 

We choose a creamy white paint so we picked bleached linen, it has some pink undertones which was honestly perfect because I wanted that to be an accent color in here;) and I wanted things nice and bright in here, I really wanted to keep everything super neutral and let the tile be the star of the show in here. 

We debated wooden shelves but honestly, I really like how easy the wire shelving is to take care of and move around as needed. Sometimes I prefer practical to beauty. I've learned the hard way over the years. 

You can find the exact wire shelves we have here.

We don't have a ton of space in here so I really don't buy things in bulk, however it is super nice having this space to store things that I can't fit into the cabinets.

 I like using baskets to keep things together, similar to what I do everywhere else;) 
I love keeping things in clear plastic containers!
 LOVE this OXO set that comes in a set of 5 or 10! 

The Home Depot had a great selection of those too. I just ordered these for more storage space. They were only 2 for $24! 

So that's it! One project finished and 200,585 to go.. 

I'm so excited to have this project DONE! We seriously have a never ending list of things to do here at our casa, and now that the weather is getting a little bit nicer I'm excited to get them done! 

You can shop some of my favorites from The Home Depot here!

I can't wait to hear what you guys think about our little pretend pantry! I love using all the spaces we have in our home! Drop a comment for me below or send me a DM on INSTAGRAM! I can't wait to chat with you cuties!! 


{This post is sponsored by The Home Depot, and contains affiliate links, but as always all opinions and thoughts are my own, and I only work with brands I have personal experience with! Thank you so much for your love and support always! I wouldn't be able to do this without you!} 

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Spring Style Wal-Mart with Maurices Try-On

(This post is in partnership with Wal-Mart and Maurices. As always, all opinions, thoughts and comments are my own! Thank you all so much for the love and support always!)

Hey babes! March has been a super busy and crazy month but I am feeling so thankful for the "busy"! We've been trying hard to get stuff done here at the Scardina Casa and I am beyond excited to show you our little bitty "pantry closet" makeover! We've officially started all of our Spring projects here and I'm super excited for the warmer months to come. 

Today though I wanted to finally share something I get TONS of requests for via Instagram and on other social media. A Wal-Mart try on haul! To be clear though, I did buy lots of things from the new partnership Maurice's has with Wal-Mart! Which is still pretty awesome because I seriously haven't shopped at Maurice's in YEARS and was so excited about their new Spring Collection that just dropped on 3/7! I really have been so impressed with Wal-Mart lately, especially with their collaborations and partnerships, clothing, and decor wise! It's safe to say Wal-Mart is stepping up their game and that gets me all sorts of excited! 

I wanted to share a mix of different clothing and outfits with you guys. I seriously found SO much though and could have bought basically everything from the line. They have the cutest basics and fun tops. 

This tank is such a pretty print for Spring. And it's also SUPER comfortable! I was surprised at how well it fit too, I got an XS for reference. I feel like you can wear it lots of ways the next few months! Wedges are also from Wal-Mart and super affordable! Comes in a nude color option too and one of the reasons I love these so much is because they're not super high, so they're perfect if you want a cute pair of wedges but are scared to walk in high heels, like me. ha!

Ya'll know comfy and casual is my jam, saw this super cute hoodie and had to have it! It's so dang comfy and comes in 3 colors, I paired it with some leggings and these cute tennies I also got from Maurices at Wal-Mart. They are crazy comfy and really inexpensive, under $25 bucks, I'll be wearing them a ton for sure! 

Also, really feeling like this outfit might be my favorite, let's face it, basics are just what I'm about! I love these high neck tanks! They're super comfortable and lightweight so I feel like they'd also be good for working out! I tied mine but this one is a little longer in the front and back so it would be legging friendly, I got an XS in the top and a small in the utility jacket, the "jacket" is on the lighter side so keep that in mind. More of a shirt jacket style but really really cute! 

I am for sure planning more Wal-Mart hauls in the future! Note to self: don't count Wal-Mart out! They are totally stepping it up and I'm so excited to see what more brands they partner with so I can continue sharing with you babes!

What do ya'll think? Will you be checking out Wal-Mart for clothes in the future? I seriously can't believe how affordable and cute everything is! I even told my Mom she had to go and buy some things for Spring there! 

Thank you all so so much for the love and support always! It seriously means so much to me, I would not be able to do this without YOU!! 
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