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Where and HOW to find Rae Dunn Mugs!

If you're here and reading today's post then you probably already know what mugs I'm talking about. 

(PS. Maybe one day I'll actually add an outlet cover here, we just installed a new backsplash;))

They are all over Instagram, and social media. Which also makes them super hard to find these days! I used to walk into Marshalls or Home Goods on any typical day and be able to find a ton. But thanks to their rising popularity they are becoming harder and harder to find. Which is understandable, because they're super cute. 

But today I wanted to tell you there's a secret to snagging these mugs, okay, so maybe not so much a secret, more like a strategy. A strategy for mugs you say? 

Yes- yes a strategy for mugs. And today I'm going to share some of my Rae Dunn secrets with you. To help you maybe find some of these cute and fun mugs on your own. 

First things first.

The name of the mugs are Rae Dunn or Magenta Mugs. You'll be able to tell if it's a Rae Dunn mug by the logo on the bottom of them. She also makes canisters, containers, spoon rests etc. All of them are hard to find if you don't know when to shop for them. 

The mugs are sold at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods. At least those are the only places I've ever seen them. 

You probably won't have much luck searching for these mugs on a Saturday afternoon. If you want them bad enough you'll have to follow some of these "tips" for getting them. 


I get that some people aren't able to do this, but I have seriously found THE best mugs on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning at both my local Home Goods and Marshalls stores. I asked the girl that worked there one time when they usually stocked up and she told me usually midweek. You're going to have the best luck in the early morning before people have time to hit up the store and snag them. 

I like to think that I make friends with everyone, haha! but I especially love my Home Goods girls. Several times I've asked if they could go back and check to see if they had any in the back and viola! This is how I managed to snag my Halloween mugs! Sometimes they don't bring out inventory until the shelves are bare, so don't be afraid to ask what they have "in the back."

3. EBAY-

With their increasing popularity, you are seeing more and more of these mugs show up on Ebay. You'll pay more, but if you aren't having any luck with options 1 or 2, this is your next best bet. Typically a short search of a specific mug you want will yield hundreds of results, Holiday Mugs are always more money, as they are more popular and it seems like less are made. 


A quick visit to the "Rae Dunn" fan page on Facebook and you'll see what I mean when I'm telling you these mugs are supppppper popular. But this site is a great way to snag some Rae Dunn mugs or canisters. People are often willing to trade or sell mugs for not much of an upgrade, usually cheaper then Ebay. But often times you won't have much luck with super popular items. As with everything else, it's totally hit or miss, but worth a try! 

5. Amazon
You might get lucky! Sometimes I see some listed on Amazon, but it's never for long and it's never many. Currently they have these adorable sets up for grabs:

That's all I have today for ya folks!! I'd love to hear if any of you have any "tips" or tricks for snagging these mugs and canisters? Leave me a comment below or let's chat on Instagram! You can also find me The Glam Farmhouse Blog on Facebook. I sometimes share things I don't share on any of my other social media there.


The Easiest Way To Create A Hot Cocoa Station

If you follow along on Instagram then you know my love runs deep for a really good cup of hot chocolate. I absolutely LOVE it in the winter time, and well, really- all the time. I love it so much, I have TWO, yes TWO hot cocoa "stations" in our home. For the sake of overwhelming you, I'm just going to share one of them with you today.  This is the one that gets the most use. Thanks to my new Keurig! {Which just so happens to  be on SALE BY THE WAY!}

This whole space sort of happened by accident, one little addition at a time, for functionality. So I'm going to share with you some ways that you can create your own little Hot Cocoa or Coffee Stations for the Holidays and beyond! The really great thing about this space, is that it will work with any season just by making a few small changes and I'm going to tell you HOW in today's post.

This whole entire space was inspired by this adorable mint colored Keurig. You guys, I never wanted a Keurig. But I walked past this baby at Target one afternoon and it spoke to me. Okay, so not really- but just roll with me here, okay?

I brought her- I mean it. Home and sat it right here in this little corner. I've had the Mug Tree for a couple of months, and decided to move that over to this corner because it just made more sense. I found the Coffee Canister at Home Goods and the 'Merry Christmas' sign at Target and well, that was all she wrote my friends.

Want to know how to re-create your own hot cocoa station in Five easy steps? Let the fun begin! You'll be enjoying that Hot Cocoa in no time! Trust me.

Step One: 
Start with a coffee maker, and some empty counter space. It doesn't have to be a Keurig. It can be a coffee maker you have on hand currently! Seriously, anything works. It can be a large space or a big space! Anything you choose, just make sure it's in an area that makes sense for your routine.

Buy my Keurig Here.

Step Two: 
Buy a Mug Rack or find a way to display your mugs. An old crate maybe? A Tiered Tray? The ideas and options are endless! Get creative and have fun with it! 

Buy a Similar Mug Tree here.

Step Three:
A 'COFFEE' or storage canister for storing PODS. They actually make actual storage trays that the sell with the PODS if you want to keep things super simple. I found my Coffee canister at Home Goods and it can be hard to find, so anything cute will do. I currently adore this one here.

Step Four:
Find some cute mugs! As mentioned before, mine are from Home Goods and Marshalls mostly. But these mugs are super cute and an awesome way to start your own collection!
Step Five: 
Accessorize! This is your time to shine my friend! 

A cute sign that shows off your signature style? I used a seasonal sign here and will probably switch it out as the seasons change, just for fun. I love Holidays and decorating for ALL OF THEM. But you can find an adorable Coffee Sign Here if you want to keep things simple and easy. 
TIP: Use Command Strips to hang signs on Tile!

I also added some yummy snowflake marshmallows that you can get here.
Some festive stir sticks from the Target Dollar Spot really added some Holiday fun to this space. For the different seasons you can often find festive straws or other seasonal stir sticks, in the Dollar Spot at Target. If you don't have a Dollar Spot- check your local party stores. They have awesome selections as well. 

You guys- THAT IS IT!!! Now you have a super festive and fun Hot Cocoa Station! 

Such a great space for entertaining and it makes my heart happy every time I look at it. We have so much fun with this little area and I know you're just going to love your space as well. 

I would absolutely love to hear from you. What do you guys think about my Hot Cocoa Station? Will you be creating one, or do you have one already? Let's chat on Instagram, Facebook or shoot me a message below. I just LOVE to hear from you guys! XO

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Easy DIY 'Joy' Sign

This might be the easiest DIY ever- okay, so maybe not EVER, BUT it's super close to being the easiest DIY ever. I am just so in love with this adorable (and EASY!) little festive DIY 'JOY' sign!
I was randomly strolling through Micheal's one afternoon with Savanna- and I came across these cute little wooden signs. I thought to myself "Wow, this is super cute!" I originally thought I would try to write something on it related to Christmas- but let's be real. My handwriting sucks and it would never turn out even remotely cute. So we continued to browse and stroll through the aisles and then I remembered my galvanized 'S' That I used on one of my wreaths a few months ago in the Spring and thought to myself how cute they would be to make a little sign with. Also, easy. And I like easy. Come on guys, who doesn't? I ended up seeing this super cute little wreath on one of the end aisles and I just about died, I had figured out just what I would do with that little wooden sign! 

My first idea was to use the stain leftover from our DIY Holiday Ornament Display Tree but I instead figured I would give the chalk paint spray paint I had leftover from another project on this little DIY. I'm really glad I decided to paint instead of stain, the overall look ended up being a little more clean. At least I think so.

This sign is super easy to make ya'll. 

I started with my little wooden sign, you could use pieces of wood if you can't find this sign or if you have some handy! 

Just nail them together. Honestly, pallets would work pretty awesome too. And I gave it a good sanding with my palm sander. You could obviously use a piece of sandpaper but I just like using this sander. HAHA #TRUTH. 
(somebody needs a manicure..not saying any names.)

After it was all sanded and smooth- I gave it a light coat of Spray Paint Chalk Paint and this stuff is AWESOME you guys. 
I let it dry for about 30 minutes and then gave it another coat. 

In the end I was really happy with the super smooth finish! 

I attached the galvanized letters with some nails by nailing them in by hand and did the same for the mini wreath. 
Easy Peasy, right? You could totally do this one afternoon during nap time. ;) If you don't have that luxury (I don't! Savanna doesn't nap, haha!) then this is also a manageable project to do while littles are running around as it doesn't require too much time or attention. 

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear what you think of this? I'm pretty happy with it..might even give a few as gifts;) Speaking of gifts I still have SO much Christmas shopping to do. Every single year I say I'm going to be done early and I never ever am. Ugh. Anyway. 

Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know what you think on Instagram. You can also find The Glam Farmhouse Blog on Facebook. I share things there that I don't share on my other social media channels pretty often. ;) I hope you all have a great day! XO


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Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Porch

We leave in exactly one day for our vacation and I'm sort of freaking out. Mostly because I still have so much to do, but sort of because I'm going to miss blogging (and you!) so much. But family time is much needed- and I know we're going to have a great time. I'm hoping to share some of our adventures over on Instagram with you if you would be interested in such things.

Anyway, no need to get all emotional around here. It's just a few days after all. And by a few I mean 14. 14 whole days. I know you're going to miss me. Or maybe you're not? Either way I'm going to miss you! ;) 

I'm going to invite you to enjoy a hot cocoa on the front porch today! I hope you'll accept the invite! 
I'll start by saying that I used to be a bit embarrassed of our front porch. It's the only thing that remains original to the house when we first bought it. It was just never a huge priority to replace it, as there wasn't anything structural wrong with it. These days I'm growing to love it. I can't tell you how many Spring and Summer mornings I've sat our here and just taken in all of my surroundings. We are blessed to live on farmland and across the street from us we have a Sheep Farm and they are just the most peaceful creatures. They remind me of myself actually..sitting around and just eating all day.. ha! True story guys! So many memories we've made here already! 

I managed to snag this wicker furniture set on Craigslist for $150 and I felt so lucky! I've always loved wicker! It fit in perfectly on our little rustic porch. Just take a peek and see for yourself!

I totally adore this Santa pillow. It was hard for me to justify another Christmas pillow, but I just couldn't pass him up! The plaid pillows are from Pier 1 and I'm obviously obsessed with plaid so they were a must.
I loved the birch trees from Target, they are just what I needed to add some visual interest to this little porch. 
My galvanized buckets really do have multiple uses, in the spring they hold hydrangea plants on our deck, in the fall, they are perfect for mums and in the winter, they are great for fresh greenery and birch logs. 
I've been raving about this 'Merry & Bright' pillow from Farmhouse on Boone for ages and I'm not about to stop now. I just love it here on the porch for all to see! Her pillows are such high quality and I simply can't stop posting about them because I use them everywhere!
Ya'll know I love to decorate in layers, so of course I do that on the porch most of the time too.

I'm so glad you stopped by!! I'd love to hear what you think of our little rustic farmhouse Christmas porch! You can chat with me on Instagram, Facebook, or feel free to leave a message below! Can you believe Christmas is so soon? I'm sort of freaking out over here! Are you ready for the big day? Or do you still need more time? (LIKE ME?!) Happy Tuesday! XO

Black Hunter Boots
Plaid Pillows
Santa Pillow
Birch Trees
Wicker Furniture

*Affiliate links used to make things easier for you to shop! Thank you so so much for helping make this little blog possible, I couldn't do it without you. XO

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