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Hey babes! 

I sure hope ya'll had a great weekend! I can't wait to catch up with you guys soon about our most recent trip to Jamaica, I have so much content planned but it always takes me a few days to get back into the swing of things after doing nothing but sipping red stripe on a hammock for 5 days, ha! today though, I wanted to share the top follower faves from last week as promised. I'm trying to get better about my content schedule instead of being all over the place. Just work with me a little, okay? ;) I know I'm a mess and I'm trying to be better, swear! 

This jumpsuit is seriously the COMFIEST ever, the fabric is super soft and I basically feel like I'm wearing pajamas. Perfect for traveling, road trippin' or just running errands! Can be worn now with a cute denim jacket, or later alone with some cute sandals! I never knew if I could pull of a jumpsuit but this one is super cute and flattering on all shapes and sizes, Promise! go down a size in this! It runs a bit big.


Everyone needs a cute basic swimsuit they feel comfy in, especially when chasing babies! I feel comfortable in this one on the beach with the kiddos but also still feel cute vacationing with the hubs because of the cute lace up back. I got a medium in this, the straps are adjustable so you can tighten it if you feel like you need more support, and it's got full booty coverage which I know is super important to most of us! I love it SO much I have it in 3 colors! 

oooookay, safe to say ya'll are ready for all the summer vibes! I wore this swimmy a ton on our recent trip and got so many compliments! It's super flattering and the blue color is so cute, I loved it so much I also got the yellow. I got this one in a Medium for reference, the large was just a tad too big in the back area, if you're chestier than a C cup I suggest going up to a large! It runs small! 

2. The BEST shorts-(SEEN ABOVE!)

these denim shorts are my new favorites! I now have every color in them! The fit is awesome, shorter in the front and longer in the back! They're not skin tight and are super soft and comfortable denim. I got my normal size 6 but could have sized down to a 4! They run a little big. I can tell I'm going to be wearing them a ton these next few months! 


A denim jacket is a MUST have this spring! I prefer the lighter denim shades but have a few in several colors, this one is my current fave and I wore it on travel day last week! This one has some light distressing, and the denim is super soft and comfortable. I got an XS in this one. It runs a tad big! 

So that's it beauties! Hope ya'll are having a great Monday and I can't wait to catch up soon! 

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I honestly feel like I just typed up this post 5 seconds ago. It was really a week ago but seriously, time is flying! I'm honestly NOT mad about it you guys, It's been an eventful week. I didn't get to share nearly all the things I want to with you babes but I promise as soon as I get back from vaca SO MUCH IS COMING. The Wal-Mart haul, more cleaning tutorials and the pantry reno along with TONS of other renovation projects we're starting with the sale of our most recent flip house this month! I am SO excited for changes here at the Scardina Casa and I seriously can't wait to share all the fun things with you! 

Moving on, I love sharing the weekly follower faves because it's so much fun to reflect back to what you guys enjoy seeing here at TGF. I know I'm all over the place but I love it because it allows me to be creative in ALL the ways instead of just focusing on one thing. I can't thank you all enough for embracing this side of me! Ya'll are such a blessing! Seriously! But enough with the sappy talk (I'm about a glass of wine in a half in.. don't mind me!) Let's take a look back on the week and check out what ya'll loved! 

I honestly can't say enough good things about these oils ya'll! We've been using them here for about 2 years and this set is such a great introduction to some of my favorite oil blends and gives you some insight into how amazingly life changing they can be! this set includes some of my favorite blends including Anxiety Ease, which is being diffused quite a bit here at the Scardina house! 

You can read more about how I use oils in this post.

I think this is week..3 or 4? of this vanity tray making the Top 10 list of top sellers! And for good reason! It's so dang cute and functional! I love it so much! 

This new cozy Target sweatshirt is amazingly soft, super comfy and perfect for lounging, ya'll know I can NEVER turn away from a comfy sweatshirt and this one is legit. 

Ya'll are really into organizing lately which is a good thing cause so am I. I've shared these a few weeks in a row now so I won't bore you with how much I love them, but I mean, if you haven't purchased them yet, what are you waiting for? They're amazing and can literally store ALL THE THINGS.

I'm so glad ya'll are still loving this beach fleece cause SO AM I. It's soooo comfy and the perfect Spring/Summer staple. 

SO GLAD to see this sandal on the list as #5 because it's my new favorite! Super comfortable and matches ALL THE THINGS. I highly suggest snagging it if you're looking for a neutral sandal to match everything these upcoming months!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS and so pumped to see ya'll do too! It's such an awesome staple piece, comes in tons of colors and is super affordable! Even better is that it's friendly for shorter girls and it doesn't swallow me. 

I shared this dress last week in my (amazon try on haul) and it is SO gorgeous! I am seriously SO impressed! I feel like it would be a gorgeous dress if you have any events coming up to wear! 

2. WOVEN BAG (seen above)
This bag is soooo cute for Spring!
 It's super well made and I'm so excited to tell ya'll it's on sale for $35! It matches everything and everyone always compliments on it. 

For the second week in a row these shorts are the top sellers! I love them so much! They're the best shorts because they're a little shorter in the front with full booty coverage in the back. And yes, THEY'RE ON SALE. ;)  I got my normal size 6 in these but should have sized down to a 4! They run a little big.

Hope you'll are having a great weekend babes! Thank you SO much for stopping in to hang out with me for a bit! It means the world!! XOXO

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Weekly Amazon Haul & Swimwear Try On!

Ahhh yes, it's time for what's shaping up to be my most favorite posts of the week! 

My weekly Amazon hauls! I'm obsessed with Amazon lately! It's kinda like a weekly "surprise" because with Amazon sometimes things are hit or miss. I got a few things in this haul I was less than happy about, but it's all good because when things are good, they're really good and when things are bad, they're reallllllly bad. It basically balances itself out, ya know? 

This week I snagged some goodies for our upcoming trip to the tropics next week. I know, I know, I have a slew of dresses already but theres nothing like when the last minute panic sets in and you start freaking out thinking, "OH MY GOSH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR." Anyone else like this or just me? So I snagged a few last minute things in hopes that I would just LOVE them! 

I'm going to preface this buying saying, I'm not super comfortable posting pictures of myself in swimsuits for the world to see, It just feels sooooo...weird. But at the same time I want to be a good resource for you guys, so I'm putting my insecurities aside and putting it out there. 

Would you believe me if I told you that up until about a year or so ago, I NEVER wore one piece swimsuits? Something about them seemed soooo...old, to me. But now I just love them and prefer them! I feel like these days one pieces are way more appealing then they used to be, it's all about finding one that makes you feel good, ya know? 

I bought this one in blue for Mexico in January and got so many compliments on it, I know a lot of you babes snagged it too and ROCKED IT!! I highly suggest this one if you're looking for a one piece with something a little "extra"- the booty coverage is minimal on this one, but I don't feel over exposed when wearing it or anything. I loved it so much in blue I also snagged it in yellow

For reference, I got a Medium. I'm a 34C, 128 lbs and 5'2. Normally a size 4 or 6 in American Eagle depending on the type of jean..and the day. 

I also have to tell you guys I bought 5 swimsuits total and 2 of the 5 are going back ASAP. However I was SUPER impressed with the ones I ended up LOVING. 

THIS ONE might just be my new favorite. 

Theres plenty of support and the straps are adjustable and I didn't feel like I was falling out. The lace detailing and vertical striped pattern is really suitable for everyone, but especially shorter gals! It feels like SUCH high quality, I have a few $100 swimsuits and this one is hands down up there with those material and quality wise! Medium booty coverage too! ;) 

I really wanted some cute cover-ups because I wear a ton of those on vacation and during the Summer even just hanging out by the pool. So I snagged a few from Amazon that I really just LOVE and they feel like such high quality (even better then the ones I've purchased from resorts for much more money!)

When it comes to accessories- I'm loving hats lately and oddly enough I never really did before! I have a few from Amazon that I love but this one is currently my favorites! 

Other things I've snagged on Amazon this week include these amazing dupe earrings for my favorite bauble bar earrings that I always wear! These are much more affordable and great quality! They come in 5 different colors and are under $15 bucks! I love wearing cute earrings with Summer and Spring outfits! My favorite protein powder that doesn't give me headaches and that actually TASTE GOOD! And I finally found one of my favorite jumpsuits back in stock and under $20! (SIZE DOWN IN THIS ONE LADIES!) And these cute sunnies that have 5 star reviews! 

So that's it for this week babes! Thank you SO much for stopping by today! I can't tell you how much it means to me to have so many of you take time out of your busy lives to spend with ME. I'm so honored to be surrounded by such amazing uplifting woman! Thank you all for bringing light to my life everyday! 

(this post contains affiliate links, meaning I make a super small commission when you click and make a purchase. as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own!)

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Okay ya'll,  let's talk tanning. 

Oddly enough it is probably the single question I get asked the most on Instagram. "What is your favorite self tanner?"  

I remember the first time I got a Spray tan. It was for my wedding in 2011 and I was addicted. Who doesn't love to be tan and give off a "just got back from the tropics" kinda vibe?

However, there are SO MANY self tanning products out there it can be overwhelming on where to start. Do you want a lotion? A foam? A Spray? Let's not even talk about how many brands are out there! What makes them different? Aren't they all the same? What if it turns me orange? What if it's streaky? How long should I leave it on? 

So while I am totally not an expert at ANYTHING, well, except for maybe drinking wine and buying throw pillows, I have tried my fair share of self tanning products and have learned a few things along the way. I'm going to try to cram as much information in this post as I can without boring you to death.

Let me first talk about my favorite self tanners at all price points. 


My favorite "budget friendly" self tanner is the (Jergens tanning foam) it's my favorite because of the ease of application, it's basically foul proof and it's pretty hard to mess it up. It's great if you don't have much of a tan, are on the paler side, or are completely new to self tanning. The foam is really easy to apply. However, the color payoff is minimal, which some people prefer, and it just doesn't last as long as I would like it too. It also doesn't get me as "tan" as I normally like to be. I've yet to find a drugstore tanner with amazing color payoff but I'm still searching!

As far as "high end" self tanners go, I feel like I've tried so many and I have a list of favorites for different reasons. I really love the st tropez tanning foam as my everyday self tanner, it's the one I ALWAYS go back to, the application is easy, the color payoff is awesome, and it doesn't have a super obvious self tanner smell after application. HOWEVER, this does have some transfer issues so I really do suggest letting it fully dry before application but more on that later...

as far as lotions go, I really do love a good self tanning lotion, I have been using this one for a few years and love it. It's similar to the mouse, application is super easy and the color payoff of this one is AMAZING. Seriously, I'm always impressed when I use it! It lasts a really long time too and I feel like you get a great deep natural looking tan.

When it comes to sprays, there is only one I use, I seriously always have a bottle of this stuff on hand, especially when traveling! It's so easy to apply and great for when you need a quick tan, or for when you're going to an event. 

Moving on to the tips portion of this post, which is probably why most of you are here! Tips for Self Tanning!


YOU GUYS. I cannot express enough how important this step is! When you don't exfoliate the tanner will stick to dry patches, especially knees, ankles and elbows. 99% of the time if your tan is blotchy it's probably because you didn't exfoliate. I self tan every Friday so I exfoliate every Thursday at least 24 hours before self tanning. I love this body scurb for exfoliating. It smells like a tropical vaca and makes my skin super smooth and soft without feeling greasy! 

Whatever you do you guys, don't skip this step!

Tip #2: Use a tanning mitt ALWAYS and a makeup brush to apply self tanner to hands and feet.

I never ever tan without a mitt, I feel like it really helps the ease of application and prevents blotchiness. For hands and feet I like to "blend" excess tanner in with a makeup brush (I use this one JUST for self tanning) I sort of just drag the excess from my arms and brush it into my hands, ankles, knees. It blends everything together seamlessly. 

Tip #3: Apply self tanner in circles

OKAY LOOK. I know that usually the bottle says "long even strokes" but I swear every single time I do that I end up looking like a streaky hot mess, so instead I apply in circular motions to each section of my body working from the neck down, in small sections. 

Tip #4: WAIT at least 3 full hours before showering.

EVEN IF you bought the "Express tan" I find showering too quickly always washes off half my tan but waiting allows the tan to fully "set" I know it can b so tempting to want to shower quickly because you feel gross and sticky but if you want a deep, natural tan just wait it out. ALSO. To prolong your tan, try to avoid taking scouring hot showers. I know this is tough ladies, because I like my water surface of the sun hot, but the hot water just breaks things down so much faster. If anything at least avoid taking a super hot shower until at least day 2 of your tan. 


THIS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT. Hydrated skin will always retain more product. I like to use a gradual tanning lotion on top of my spray tan to maintain it, I'm loving this one currently. Just be sure to wash your hands after application. ;)

So that's it brozned babes! I hope this helps you with all your self tanning questions although I'm sure I forgot something and will probably come back and edit this later! 
Listing my favorite self tanning products for you below! But feel free to leave me a message or shoot me a DM if you have any questions!

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