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Friday Favorites from Amazon!

Happy Friday beauties! We're dealing with a case of the sickness here in at the Scardina Casa and it's been pretty yucky and gross. I made fun of Nick last week thinking he was being dramatic with a "man cold" but then yesterday I woke up feeling like a pile of..well, not flowers, and then was throwing up last night and woke up this morning with my ears throbbing. So, I'm planning lots of rest time this weekend in between spying on Nick as he continues to work on our Master Bathroom. I want to get a post up for you guys soon with updates but honestly, we haven't done much, we just have the drywall hung and it's ready to be patched up. We hit some bumps in the road and ended up having to rip out a wall and re-frame it. 

Ahh, yes. Life in a fixer upper. 

Anywho, For Friday Favorites today I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon finds with you guys! I loooooove Amazon, and things got serious really quickly once I discovered their amazing selection of home decor at great prices. Now, don't get me wrong. I've received a few things that I've been like, "Um, what is this.." but for the most part my Home Decor experience with Amazon has been a great one. To avoid you guys dealing with some not so great quality stuff though, take it from me. I'm sharing 5 of the top purchased things these past few weeks from My Amazon Shop Page! So not only are these things I'm loving, these are things you guys are loving too! Which makes me happy of course. 

Okay, enough rambling Laurie. First thing's first..

1.// OXO Lazy Susan Turn Table- Okay, so not so glam and not really "home decor" but I have this CRAZY feeling that this is pretty popular this week because I recently shared a picture of how I organize under my kitchen sink. I had a few of my readers tell me that they bought mini lazy susan's to organize things like, medicine, and canned food. DUH! So genius you guys! You guys are always so inspiring to me! 

2.//Fiber Fill- Kinda random, but I recently shared a little $9 trick to refluff-ing your Ikea Ektorp sofas and ways you can bring those saggy droopy cushions back to life. It doesn't cost a ton of money and you can do it in less than 30 minutes! You can check out the original post here

3.//Mini Boxwood Wreath- I get asked about our little mini boxwood wreaths ALL the time, and for good reason. Greenery is a super awesome way to add some LIFE to your spaces, especially has Spring approaches. I love using mine as a candle ring year round on my stove top. It's a super cute way to decorate the area around your stove! 

4.//6 x 9 Drop Cloths- I use drop cloth's for curtains all the time, and I absolutely love these, I literally just hang them and bam! All done! I'll be posting shortly with all the ways you can style up drop cloth curtains to be unique to you and your home! These are super inexpensive and a great way to add some texture to a space. Like I did here, in our master bedroom. 

5.//A Bushel & A Peek Tea Towel- I recently received this adorable hand towel in a home decor subscription box and it is just the CUTEST! I have a confession-I'm sort of a hand towel junkie. I just love them and think it's seriously the easiest way to add some character to your kitchen. It's under $13 and there are many cute designs if this specific one isn't your style. 

Moving on from Amazon this week- There are some killer sales going on this weekend I wanted you to know about, because uh..we all love sales, right?! 

My favorite woven tees for spring are on sale for less than $18. Comes in a few different colors and patterns. I'm wearing my normal size XS for reference. I usually go down a size if the top is "flowy" just because I have a really short torso and those types of shirts tend to be wide on me. 

Tee.//Abercrombie & Fitch
Cardigan.// Target (less than $24.99!) Such a steal and is most definitely one of my new favorite articles of clothing!

Some MAJOR SALES this weekend:

Pier 1 Imports 15% off with code 15OFF

World Market  15% off with code FEBSAVE

American Eagle 20-60% off the collection including jeans! {NO CODE NEEDED}


Hope ya'll have a great weekend! Come hang out over on Instagram for some peeks at the master bathroom progress, I'll also be asking for your opinion on some stuff! 

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Friday Favs & Updates on Our Master Bedroom!

Happy Friday & happy weekend friends! I wish I could say this week flew by, but nope, it didn't. Actually, I've felt like the last two weeks have dragged on for SOOOOOOO LONG. But that's normal for me this time of year! I've really been neglecting my blog lately because my life has been crazy and it's just easier to share all the things over on Instagram. That's not always a good thing though because at least here, on the blog you have something to reference if you need to, and not everyone has Instagram. 

Can I just say that Winter is brutal for me. Can't say I'll miss it when it's gone. BUT, thankfully we have Valentine's Day coming up soon to get us through. I'll take any excuse I can get to decorate with ALL THE PINK THINGS. I'm planning to incorporate lots of pink into my Spring decor as well and I can't wait to get started! 

Today though, I wanted to share a few things I've been loving this week with you guys and also give you a peek at our master bedroom (which still isn't finished by the way.) I've been getting asked a lot about our bedroom and figured why not write up a quick post to answer all of your questions?!

First things first- I'm loving my Valentine's Day decor! But I'm yearning for a simple approach to Spring this year. My simple is usually always pretty extra though compared to everyone else's idea of simple. A minimalist I will never be, but in the Spring I sure do try to purge as much as possible. KEY WORD. TRY. ;) Of course I'll be blogging the process along the way & sharing some cleaning trips and hacks in hopes that they might help some of you guys too. 

Let's start with this weeks outfits. I mean, if you want to call them that. I'm hermit in the Winter and my "Wardrobe" is pretty much just leggings and hoodies. But I know some of you can relate to that #momlife. 
{Wearing my FAVORITE oversized hoodie in my NORMAL size SMALL, also, it's on SALE! These Zella LIVE IN leggings are my favorite, so soft & comfy with lots of stretch and support. Shoes are old and I wasn't able to find the link, I got them at Famous Footwear a year or so ago.}
{The COZIEST & most flattering Thermal Tee ever, I sleep in mine;) but also wear it. It was recently restocked in ALL sizes!}

I shared my vanity on stories this week and got a boatload of questions about it and everything here! I'm going to try to link as many things as I can find for you guys. The Vanity is from Pier 1 Imports and it was a gift from hubby for Valentine's Day LAST year. I'm still obsessed. But it IS pricey. Occasionally they run really great sales on it and it's amazing quality that will really hold up over time.
The leopard pillow is no longer available, but here is one similar. The throw blanket is sold out as well, but I linked another one of my favorite blush pink throws below. 
You can find my vanity chair here and I linked more colors below. I absolutely love this chair more than a stool because I like to be able to sit comfortably at my vanity! 

I'm allllll about organization, even if it doesn't stay that way for long;) I got this silver cupcake stand about a year or two ago and it's not available anymore but I LOVE this one which is very glam and great for organized storage! The clear acrylic makeup storage is from Amazon and you can find similar here. 

I really wanted our bedroom to have a romantic, shabby chic cottage feel. Which isn't exactly farmhouse. But that's the fun thing about decor, you can change it up whenever and however you like. It allows us to be creative and that's something I will always love about it!  I linked up everything I could find for you guys in the scroll tab at the end of this post. 

I love love LOVE my oil diffusers I got from Eden's Garden and absolutely LOVE IT! I have one upstairs and downstairs and it's soooo pretty and the oils are high quality without being super expensive. It's not an MLM (not saying there's anything wrong with MLM!) So they cut out the middle man and you get a decent price on real oils. If you buy the diffuser, Aroma Fresh is amazing! 

Next week I'll have a post up on my drop cloth curtains and how I did them! 

I still have to hang some curtains and my window blinds on our french doors, I hope I can have the full tour up for you guys next week! But progress is progress, right? It's coming together! Baby steps. One thing I'm learning about living in a fixer upper is that I DON'T need it to be done in a DAY. We made the mistake of rushing to make decisions when we first moved in and started working on this house and we've since ended up ripping up most of what we did and starting over. I'm trying to take it slow and not make rush decisions. I still want a bench for the end of our bed and another end table but haven't decided just yet what I'm looking for. Trust me, when I get it figured out I'll let you babes know!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Was so nice to catch up! Drop a comment below if you wanna chat or shoot me a message over on Instagram! Can't wait to hear from you guys and hear what you think about the bedroom progress! 

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FUN Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Spouse!

Hey friends! Please forgive me for my blogging absence, I've been hibernating counting down the days until Spring. Anyone else? Living in the Northeast is BRUTAL this time of year. Thankfully February is a short month, and we have Valentine's Day to keep our minds busy. 

I had a few requests for a "Valentine's Day Gift Guide" for guys, husbands, & boyfriends. But this post could really apply to significant others in general as it's pretty gender neutral;) When it comes to Valentine's Day and anniversaries I tend to think outside of the box. Instead of buying things, I like to DO things. If I do end up spending money on a gift, I like it to be an experience VS. just like, socks or something. 

Valentine's Day is tricky, some people LOVE it and then others LOVE to HATE it. I will happily admit that I love Valentine's Day. Our lives get busy, Nick works crazy hours and that house flipping life ain't always easy. We don't get to spend as much time together as we like and well, with life comes routine. Of course, we tell each other we love each other every day..okay, maybe not EVERYDAY. BUT you get what I'm sayin'. Valentine's Day is a good way to remind me- "HEY! Do something to show the people you love that you love them" And that something has to involve me doing something more than just washing hubby's laundry. Because that's my excuse everyday, I tell you I love you by doing your laundry. HA! 

Nick and I have been together almost 16 years and while it's tough to be creative and find new ideas, I do like to keep things fun. 

1. LET'S GO CAMPING! // I hate CAMPING. I'm not a camper. Nick LOVES Camping. He's a camper. SO. How can I make Valentine's Day special for him while putting together something I hate and he loves? Last year, we had a "Camp Out" at home. It was the easiest date I've ever put together and maybe the most memorable. It also didn't cost a ton of money. Nick is a total "experience" kind of guy because he, like most men, just buys whatever he wants. So these things mean way more to him then anything I could buy for him. I built a fort in our game room, using pillows and old sheets- if you have a tent, even better! Bring it inside! I made Steaks & we had cheesecake (his favorite) for dessert. That's the cool thing about camping inside, you can cook something more glam then hot dogs. Or you could cook hot dogs. I mean, whatever floats your boat. ;) I threw up some string lights, lit some candles and we made smores. I picked up this smores maker and we had so much fun! I think we would totally do this date again because it was so low key but still super special. 

2. A GIFT FOR THE SENSES // The year before last I gave Nick the gift of sense. Five Senses. It was also a budget friendly gift option. I gave him a "gift" for each sense. 

Smell- cologne 

Taste- box of chocolates (his favorite candy!)
Sight- Lingerie, for me, not him! LOL 
Touch- Massage oil or Massage candle
Hear- Ipod playlist & headphones

I had SO much fun putting this gift together for him. He loved it! 

If you're looking for cheap but not cheap quality lingerie I love this site! Your first set is just $24.95! 

P.S I'm supppppper classy, don't you love the paint swatches on the wall? 

3.The Fantasy Box// So this might not be for the faint of heart, but it's a great option if you're, ya know..into it. There are plenty of low key options from mild to intense. It's a great idea if you're looking for a few ways to well, spice things up? They even have anniversary & honeymoon options! 

4. Man Crates // I LOVE Man Crates- it's my go to option when I need a gift for ANY man in my life, there are seriously so many options that you're sure to find something the man in your life with love! I got Nick one for Christmas and he thought it was the coolest thing. From Grilling to Making your own whiskey, there's a man crate for that. 

5. CANDY BOUQUETS // I've made these before and they are SUPER fun and cute! You can use mini liquor bottles, scratch offs and candy to put together a fun basket your man will LOVE. 

6. A GIFT FOR EVERY VALENTINE'S DAY YOU'VE SPENT TOGETHER// I've done this before for hubby's birthday- a gift every hour on the day of his birthday to celebrate his age. I've always used cheap things like his favorite candies, deodorants, things like that, stuff he actually uses, with a large (ish) or meaningful gift at the last hour. I thought it would be cute to do something similar on Valentine's Day. The key is not to overthink it.  All of our spouses are completely different so keep that in mind when putting together a fun gift or date night for your hubby!

7. DATE NIGHT IN BOX.// This box is awesome if you just really aren't creative and suck at planning date nights- like me, most months. ;) It's a box that comes with everything you need to have an awesome date night at home! Because sometimes you just don't feel like putting on pants. Take the pressure of your hubby and let Date Night INBOX plan your dates for you! I mean, how cool is that? 

How are you spending Valentine's Day this year? Are you celebrating or skipping it? Do you and your spouses exchange gifts? I'd love to hear from you guys! Feel free to drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram and let's chat! Just love hearing from you guys! 

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Friday Favorites

Hey beauties! Happy Friday! So I'm sort of bummed I'm not in Mexico still but it's all good because it's always nice to come home. I'll be blogging about our trip soon and can't wait to share all the details with you! We had such a great time and can't wait to go back next year! 

Anyway, It's been a few weeks since I've shared some goodies for Friday Favorites and this week especially was packed full with lots of my favorite things, products I've been loving for a while and some new goodies that have really helped me in the "getting healthier" department. To be clear. I'm never giving up chicken nuggets, but me not drinking 8 glasses of sweet tea a day is a start at getting healthier. Don't judge me, okay. ha!

I found the perfect "Mom Jeans" a few months ago and can't believe I never shared. I mean, seriously. They're the BEST. The suck you in in all the right places and the fit is amazing. I have them in 4 colors I love them so much! They can easily be dressed up or down. They're a little pricier then what I normally spend on jeans but you guys. SO WORTH IT. NOT KIDDING. You will LOVE THEM. You can find them here

I also linked the shoes below for you in the scroll tab! They're super comfy and come in 4 different colors. I went a half size down in mine, just because my foot was sliding around a bit in my normal size 8 shoe. 

I've shared a water bottle similar to this one before but I lost it somewhere along the line and had to purchase another. I'm really terrible about drinking enough water so I love this bottle because it has time stamps on it that remind me, "Hey Laurie! drink yo water girlfriend!" also, it has a straw...does anyone drink more water when it's through a straw? I know I do! It comes in different colors and some of the bottles have different sayings which is cool. It's under $20 and I think that's a steal because it saves me from buying bottles of infused water at the store which can get pretty pricey in a hurry. 

also, these flawless complexion vitamins have been a game changer for me! I hate taking pills so I love the fact that these are chewable gummies, that actually don't taste like death. You can get them for less than $14 if you order via this link and clip the coupon code! 

I also found this GORGEOUS rug for $10 YOU GUYS! Yes, $10! I've been asked about it a lot after sharing on my Instagram stories and after washing it, I love it even more. I'm going to order a bigger size for our kitchen, but if you're looking for a rug, this one is super cute and perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or entryways. 
I ordered the ivory and it has a touch of mint blue accents which matches the stool, and my Keurig. I'm loving Mint & Navy lately and plan to add more blush tones to my home over the next few months. 

Currently Listening To: Dustin Lynch's Current Mood Album
Currently Working On: Getting Organized & Master Bathroom Design Plans
Currently Reading: The Black Witch- which I LOVE!
Current Confession: My house is a complete mess and I have laundry piled up to my eyeballs. What's even worse is that I have ZERO desire to clean it up, and usually I'm the exact opposite.
Currently Drinking: Pineapple Infused Water but craving a Caramel Brulee Frapp from Starbucks.
Current Excitement: Settling on our latest flip house today and getting started on our master bathroom remodel! 
Current Mood: ALL THE GOOD VIBES! Happy Friday!

What do you guys think about the goodies this week? Do you want me to continue doing Friday Favorites? I hope you all had a GREAT week! And I hope you have an even better weekend! 

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